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New AWS Networking Core Digital Knowledge Badge

We are excited to announce a new AWS Networking Core Digital Knowledge Badge. This badge is a way to show off your AWS Networking knowledge in a public and verifiable way. In parallel with the badge launch, AWS Training and Certification (T&C) has released a new Networking Core Knowledge Badge Readiness Path in AWS Skill Builder. This Readiness Path includes a pre-assessment, over a dozen courses, introductions to recently launched services, and more. Whether you are an aspiring cloud network admin or an experienced cloud architect looking to test your knowledge, this badge will help you learn something new. When you earn the badge, you get to display the following graphic (figure 1) online to show off your accomplishment.

Figure 1: The AWS Networking Core digital badge

Earning the AWS Networking Core digital badge

To earn the badge, you must score 80% or better on a 50-question online assessment. The questions test your knowledge of core networking concepts like:

  • DNS and CIDR
  • Configuring and deploying Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs)
  • Connectivity options
  • Content delivery and edge services
  • High availability and load balancing
  • Securing your AWS network
  • Building wide area networks with AWS services

The path also includes new content that introduces you to AWS Cloud WAN and Amazon VPC Lattice, plus a Networking Tech Update that includes AWS Verified Access.

What is a digital badge?

T&C offers digital badges on several technologies (Storage, Serverless, etc.) and they award them to individuals that pass an online assessment. A third-party named Credly manages the badges, so when you post it online, it includes metadata to attest that you have met the criteria to earn the badge.

You can share badges through your social channels, email, a public link, or even embed them on a web page. Figure 2 shows how my LinkedIn post looked right after I shared it:

Figure 2: A screenshot of a LinkedIn post showing that AWS has issued the AWS Networking Core digital badge.

What I learned

When I started in Product Marketing at AWS, I knew enough about networking to register a domain name and point it in the right direction, but I had a lot to learn about cloud networking. Courses on AWS Skill Builder are what helped me climb the learning curve. I learned how to work with CIDR ranges, how to set up connectivity to the AWS network, and how to build an Amazon VPC. Now I’m aware of the networking services currently offered by AWS, when to use them, and where to get started—even if I have more to learn. This badge also helped me understand where I must improve if I’m going to try for more advanced certifications.

Getting started

We’re excited to share the newly updated Networking Core Knowledge Badge Readiness Path and all-new digital badge with you. The courses and assessment are available on-demand, so there’s no need to wait, and all you need is an AWS Skill Builder account. Follow this link to the Readiness Path to get started!