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Amazon joins the Java Community Process (JCP)

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Amazon runs thousands of Java production services; both we and our customers depend heavily on  various distributions of the JDK (Java Development Kit). In 2016 we started building Amazon Corretto, our OpenJDK binary distribution, and started using it to run AWS and other Amazon services. In 2018, we open sourced Corretto and made it available to the public. We contribute our patches to the OpenJDK project, and in 2018 took on helping to maintain the OpenJDK 8 and 11 update projects which are the upstream of many OpenJDK distributions. We have joined the Java Vulnerability Group, working together with the community to fix security issues in JDKs 8 and 11 ahead of their public disclosure.

We are ramping up our investment in OpenJDK. At OSCON 2019 in Portland, Oregon, we released our first major standalone feature: Amazon Corretto Crypto Provider, accelerating cryptographic operations for all OpenJDK distributions.

Today we are happy to announce that Amazon has joined the Java Community Process, which is the Java platform standards organization – the JCP is the repository for Java specifications. We are excited to participate in and contribute even more to the Java and open source communities. We look forward to our next set of contributions!

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Yishai Galatzer

Yishai Galatzer

Yishai Galatzer is the manager of the Artifacts and Languages Group in AWS Developer Tools. His team builds and distributes Amazon Corretto, a no-cost, multiplatform, production-ready distribution of the OpenJDK. Yishai’s team built the JDK that powers Amazon’s services, and in 2018 released it under the Amazon Corretto brand for public consumption. Previously, Yishai worked on open source projects for Microsoft, leading the following .NET projects: NuGet, MVC and MVC Core, and WebAPI and Razor. You can find him on Twitter as @yigalatz or in the streets of Seattle, Washington.