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Exploring the Networking Foundation for EKS: amazon-vpc-cni-k8s + Calico

探索EKS的网络基础 — 以全新容器网络和Calico执行网络策略来保驾护航 At AWS re:invent, Amazon announced Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS), and revealed details of how container networking would work — and be secured — on this exciting new platform. In particular, EKS leverages a new AWS Container Network Interface (amazon-vpc-cni-k8s) plug-in, together with Project Calico for enforcing network policies. In this […]

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Riding the Unicorn: A Newbie Contributor’s Guide to Kubernetes

骑独角兽:Kubernetes的新手指南 Learning to ride a unicorn in a swimming pool on a full moon night isn’t easy, especially for a non-swimmer. But I knew I could rely on others to help keep me afloat. The Kubernetes community is similarly welcoming and supportive, and is happy to help a newbie avoid drowning in an ocean of […]

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The Wheel

“转盘” Keeping the AWS cloud operating efficiently worldwide is a big job. The team is growing rapidly, and it’s important that new leaders internalize the high bar we set for service operations, and that our senior leaders are able to periodically inspect what’s happening deep in the stack. For over ten years, one of our […]

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