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AWS re:Invent 2017

re:Invent Open Source Recap

reinvent OS回顾 When we published our post on November 22nd about open source sessions and events coming up at re:Invent, there was a lot we couldn’t tell you – because it hadn’t yet been announced! And there were some exciting open source-related announcements at re:Invent, including FreeRTOS, EKS, Fargate, and SageMaker. Right after the announcements, […]

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Announcing FreeRTOS Kernel Version 10

FreeRTOS内核版本10开放 The number of connected IoT devices worldwide is in the billions and growing rapidly. Many of these edge devices – from fitness trackers to sensors to washing machines to automotive transmissions – use low-cost, low-powered microcontrollers with extremely limited memory and compute capability. For some IoT use cases, very predictable response times can also be […]

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