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Open source at AWS re:Invent 2019

re:Invent 2019 banner.

We have an Open Source track at re:Invent this year! You can find it in the re:Invent catalog by searching on OPN in the search bar.

The Open Source track covers topics from PartiQL to robotics to machine learning to Open Distro for Elasticsearch to BPF to GraphQL to Spinnaker to Kubernetes to… more.

But open source is happening all over AWS, and in other tracks you’ll find talks on Open Distro for Elasticsearch, Firecracker, PartiQL, Corretto, Gluon, TensorFlow, analytics, Hyperledger, and much, much more – you can find all sessions tagged “open source” in the re:Invent catalog by selecting “Open Source” in Topics.

Whatever your open source passion, there’s probably a session for you at re:Invent this year. Reserve your seats now!

Deirdré Straughan

Deirdré Straughan

Deirdré has been communicating about technology, and helping others to do so, for 30 years. She has written one book (so far); edited two more (so far); produced and delivered technical training; produced hundreds of videos and live streams of technical talks; written, edited, and managed blogs; and managed events. She has been applying this skill set to cloud computing since 2010, and to open source for even longer. She joined AWS in June, 2017, as Open Source Content Lead. In this role, among other tasks, she is managing editor of the AWS Open Source blog. You can find her at @deirdres on Twitter.