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161 AWS services achieve HITRUST certification

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) HITRUST Compliance Team is excited to announce that 161 AWS services have been certified for the HITRUST CSF version 11.0.1 for the 2023 cycle. The full list of AWS services, which were audited by a third-party assessor and certified under the HITRUST CSF, is now available on our Services in Scope by Compliance Program page.

The HITRUST CSF has been widely adopted by leading organizations in a variety of industries in their approach to security and privacy. Visit the HITRUST website for more information. HITRUST certification allows you, as an AWS customer, to tailor your security control baselines specific to your architecture and assessment scope, and inherit certification for those controls so they don’t have to be tested as a component of your HITRUST assessment. Because cloud-based controls don’t have to be retested, AWS customers enjoy savings in both time and cost for their own HITRUST assessment certification needs.

AWS HITRUST CSF certification is available for customer inheritance with an updated Shared Responsibility Matrix version 1.4.1

As an added benefit to our customers, organizations no longer have to assess inherited controls for their HITRUST validated assessment, because AWS already has! Our customers can deploy business solutions into the AWS cloud environment and inherit our HITRUST CSF certification for those controls applicable to their cloud architecture for services that are in-scope of the AWS HITRUST assessment. A detailed listing of controls and corresponding inheritance values can be found on the HITRUST website.

The AWS HITRUST Inheritance Program supports the latest version of HITRUST controls (v11.1), and is excited to announce the availability of the latest Shared Responsibility Matrix (SRM) version 1.4.1. As an added benefit, the AWS HITRUST Inheritance Program also supports the control inheritance of AWS cloud-based workloads for new HITRUST e1 and i1 assessment types, as well as the validated r2-type assessments offered through HITRUST. The SRM is also backward-compatible to earlier versions of the HITRUST CSF from v9.1 through v11.

Additionally, through the AWS HITRUST Inheritance Program, AWS is a member of the Health 3rd Party Trust Initiative (Health3PT), a consortium of the largest US-based healthcare systems that is proactively committed to reducing third-party information security risk with more reliable and efficient assurances. You can find additional information at

As always, we value your feedback and questions and are committed to helping you achieve and maintain the highest standard of security and compliance. Feel free to contact the team through AWS Compliance Contact Us.

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Mark Weech

Mark Weech

Mark is the AWS HITRUST Compliance Program Manager and has over 30 years of experience in compliance and cybersecurity roles pertaining to the healthcare, finance, and national defense industries. Mark holds several cybersecurity certifications and is a member of InfraGard’s Cyber Health Working Group—a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and members of the private sector for the protection of US critical infrastructure (healthcare section).