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Improve the Security of Your AWS Account in Less Than 5 Minutes

If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, you probably know that AWS recommends as a security best practice that you set up one or more AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) users for interaction with AWS services, rather than use your root account. Why? The credentials for your AWS root account provide full access to all your AWS resources, whereas IAM enables you to control access to your AWS environment and diminishes the need for root account credentials.

AWS Senior Technology Evangelist Simone Brunozzi has put together this short video that demonstrates how quick and easy it is to set up an IAM user with multi-factor authentication (MFA) and start using it with AWS.

To get the latest updates from Simone about all things AWS (not just security!), follow him on Twitter and tune into the AWS Podcast, which he hosts.

Kai Zhao
Product Manager, AWS IAM