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Introducing Improved User Search Functionality in the IAM Console

We are happy to announce that we recently launched improved search functionality on the Users page in the AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) console. For starters, we have enabled you to find an IAM user by their access key ID. Simply paste an access key ID in the Filter box on the Users page. If the access key ID matches an existing access key in your account, the console will display the IAM user, as shown in the following screenshot.

Screenshot showing the search box and user displayed on the Users page of the IAM console

In addition, we have made it easier for you to view and filter your IAM users. Previously, you were able to view and filter only the first 1,000 IAM users in your account. Now you can view and filter up to the maximum number of IAM users in your account.

Your feedback helped us make these changes. If you have additional feedback about the IAM console experience, please let us know through the in-console feedback form, by starting a new thread on the IAM forum, or by submitting a comment in the “Comments” section below.

– Rob