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New on the AWS DevOps Blog: Introducing Git Credentials—A Simple Way to Connect to AWS CodeCommit Repositories Using a Static User Name and Password

You can now connect to AWS CodeCommit repositories with Git credentials, which let you use a static user name and password to authenticate over HTTPS. Git credentials provide a simple and reliable way to access CodeCommit that is compatible with the command line or terminal, the AWS CLI, the Git CLI, and any Git tool or IDE that supports basic HTTPS authentication. You can use Git credentials to quickly and easily access your repositories from your preferred development environments.

With Git credentials, you use the unique user name and password generated from the AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) console for your IAM user with your repository URL. You use these credentials to connect to CodeCommit repositories over HTTPS from your command line or with third-party Git clients (such as TowerUI) and IDEs (such as Visual Studio or Eclipse). You can store these credentials in your local password management tool or in credential management utilities.

To learn more, see the full AWS DevOps Blog post.

– Craig