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Attend This Free April 27 Tech Talk—Applying AWS Organizations to Complex Account Structures

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Update: This webinar is now available as an on-demand video and slide deck.

As part of the AWS Monthly Online Tech Talks series, AWS will present Applying AWS Organizations to Complex Account Structures on Thursday, April 27. This tech talk will start at 10:30 A.M. and end at 11:30 A.M. Pacific Time.

AWS Principal Product Manager Anders Samuelsson will show you this new service that allows you to group AWS accounts and simplify cross-account management of security, financial, and automation settings. AWS Organizations provides enterprises the ability to centrally manage multiple accounts and operate efficiently at scale. For example, you can control which AWS services are available to individual accounts based on their organizational unit or type (Dev, Test, Production).

You also will learn:

  • About the impact of enabling Organizations on your existing accounts.
  • How to automate account creation.
  • How to create and use organizational units, including invitations and handshakes.

This tech talk is free. Register today.

– Craig