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AWS achieves QI2/QC2 qualification to host critical data and workloads from the Italian Public Administration

Italian version Amazon Web Service (AWS) is pleased to announce that it has achieved the QI2/QC2 qualification level, set out by the Italian National Cybersecurity Agency (ACN) in Determination No. 307/2022, for AWS cloud infrastructure and 130 AWS cloud services. The scope of this qualification level includes the management of Critical data and workloads for […]

How to seamlessly domain join Amazon EC2 instances to a single AWS Managed Microsoft AD Directory from multiple accounts and VPCs

You can now share a single AWS Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory (also known as an AWS Managed Microsoft AD) with multiple AWS accounts within an AWS Region. This capability makes it easier and more cost-effective for you to manage directory-aware workloads from a single directory across accounts and Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (Amazon […]

How to Delegate Administration of Your AWS Managed Microsoft AD Directory to Your On-Premises Active Directory Users

You can now enable your on-premises users administer your AWS Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory, also known as AWS Managed Microsoft AD. Using an Active Directory (AD) trust and the new AWS delegated AD security groups, you can grant administrative permissions to your on-premises users by managing group membership in your on-premises AD directory. […]

Announcing the New AWS Customer Compliance Center

AWS has the longest running, most effective, and most customer-obsessed compliance program in the cloud market. We have always centered our program around customers, obtaining the certifications needed to provide our customers with the proper level of validated transparency in order to enable them to certify their own AWS workloads [download .pdf of AWS certifications]. […]

Announcing AWS Organizations: Centrally Manage Multiple AWS Accounts

Today, AWS launched AWS Organizations: a new way for you to centrally manage all the AWS accounts your organization owns. Now you can arrange your AWS accounts into groups called organizational units (OUs) and apply policies to OUs or directly to accounts. For example, you can organize your accounts by application, environment, team, or any […]

Automated Reasoning and Amazon s2n

In June 2015, AWS Chief Information Security Officer Stephen Schmidt introduced AWS’s new Open Source implementation of the SSL/TLS network encryption protocols, Amazon s2n. s2n is a library that has been designed to be small and fast, with the goal of providing you with network encryption that is more easily understood and fully auditable. In […]

Coming March 2015: Upgrades to IAM Policy Validation

Several weeks ago, we released documentation for the AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) policy grammar and published a back-to-school policy grammar blog post to let you know of common errors in policies. To help you ensure that your policies match your intentions, we are taking policy validation a step further. Starting March 2015, any new or updated policy must […]

AWS Secures DoD Provisional Authorization

I’m very excited to share that AWS has received a DISA Provisional Authorization under the DoD Cloud Security Model’s impact levels 1-2 for all four of AWS’s Infrastructure Regions in the U.S., including AWS GovCloud (US). With this distinction, AWS has shown it can meet the DoD’s stringent security and compliance requirements; and as a […]

Amazon EC2 Resource-Level Permissions for RunInstances

Yesterday the EC2 team announced fine grained controls for managing RunInstances. This release enables you to set fine-grained controls over the AMIs, Snapshots, Subnets, and other resources that can be used when creating instances and the types of instances and volumes that users can create when using the RunInstances API. This is a major milestone […]

New Whitepaper: AWS Cloud Security Best Practices

November 3, 2020: This blog is out of date. Please refer to this post for updated info: Introducing the AWS Best Practices for Security, Identity, & Compliance Webpage and Customer Polling Feature We have just published an updated version of our AWS Security Best Practices whitepaper. You wanted us to provide a holistic and familiar […]