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How to get read-only visibility into the AWS Control Tower console

When you audit an environment governed by AWS Control Tower, having visibility into the AWS Control Tower console allows you to collect important configuration information, but currently there isn’t a read-only role installed by AWS Control Tower. In this post, I will show you how to create a custom permission set by using both a […]

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How to centralize and automate IAM policy creation in sandbox, development, and test environments

To keep pace with AWS innovation, many customers allow their application teams to experiment with AWS services in sandbox environments as they move toward production-ready architecture. These teams need timely access to various sets of AWS services and resources, which means they also need a mechanism to help ensure least privilege is granted. In other […]

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How to Create an AWS IAM Policy to Grant AWS Lambda Access to an Amazon DynamoDB Table

When managing your AWS resources, you often need to grant one AWS service access to another to accomplish tasks. For example, you could use an AWS Lambda function to resize, watermark, and postprocess images, for which you would need to store the associated metadata in Amazon DynamoDB. You also could use Lambda, Amazon S3, and […]

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