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How to Help Lock Down a User’s Amazon EC2 Capabilities to a Single VPC

As a cloud support engineer, I am frequently asked this question: “How can I lock down my user’s Amazon EC2 access to a single VPC?” This blog post will answer the question and explain how you can help control this level of access through the use of AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies and […]

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New in AWS Elastic Beanstalk: Support for Federation and Instance Profiles

In September, the AWS Elastic Beanstalk team announced two new features that involve roles: support for federation and support for instance profiles. Support for federated users means that people in your organization can sign in to the AWS Management Console and manage Elastic Beanstalk using their own credentials, without having to have a IAM user […]

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Granting Permission to Launch EC2 Instances with IAM Roles (PassRole Permission)

When you launch an Amazon EC2 instance, you can associate an AWS IAM role with the instance to give applications or CLI commands that run on the instance permissions that are defined by the role. When a role is associated with an instance, EC2 obtains temporary security credentials for the role you associated with the […]

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