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Automatically block suspicious traffic with AWS Network Firewall and Amazon GuardDuty

According to the AWS Security Incident Response Guide, by using security response automation, you can increase both the scale and the effectiveness of your security operations. Automation also helps you to adopt a more proactive approach to securing your workloads on AWS. For example, rather than spending time manually reacting to security alerts, you can […]

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Automated Response and Remediation with AWS Security Hub

November 19, 2020: AWS has an updated solution for implementing the automated response and remediation across multiple accounts. Please refer to the updated post on How to deploy the AWS Solution for Security Hub Automated Response and Remediation. AWS Security Hub is a service that gives you aggregated visibility into your security and compliance status […]

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How to Optimize and Visualize Your Security Groups

Note: On May 3, 2017, we published a related blog post also written by Guy Denney, How to Visualize and Refine Your Network’s Security by Adding Security Group IDs to Your VPC Flow Logs. Many organizations start their journey with AWS by experimenting with existing applications. Those experiments may include trying to move an application to […]

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