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Establishing a data perimeter on AWS: Require services to be created only within expected networks

Welcome to the fifth post in the Establishing a data perimeter on AWS series. Throughout this series, we’ve discussed how a set of preventative guardrails can create an always-on boundary to help ensure that your trusted identities are accessing your trusted resources over expected networks. In a previous post, we emphasized the importance of preventing […]

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Build an entitlement service for business applications using Amazon Verified Permissions

Amazon Verified Permissions is designed to simplify the process of managing permissions within an application. In this blog post, we aim to help customers understand how this service can be applied to several business use cases. Companies typically use custom entitlement logic embedded in their business applications. This is the most common approach, and it […]


How to use chaos engineering in incident response

Simulations, tests, and game days are critical parts of preparing and verifying incident response processes. Customers often face challenges getting started and building their incident response function as the applications they build become increasingly complex. In this post, we will introduce the concept of chaos engineering and how you can use it to accelerate your […]

Extend your pre-commit hooks with AWS CloudFormation Guard

Extend your pre-commit hooks with AWS CloudFormation Guard

Git hooks are scripts that extend Git functionality when certain events and actions occur during code development. Developer teams often use Git hooks to perform quality checks before they commit their code changes. For example, see the blog post Use Git pre-commit hooks to avoid AWS CloudFormation errors for a description of how the AWS […]