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Figure 10: Architecture diagram after deployment

Authorize API Gateway APIs using Amazon Verified Permissions and Amazon Cognito

Externalizing authorization logic for application APIs can yield multiple benefits for Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers. These benefits can include freeing up development teams to focus on application logic, simplifying application and resource access audits, and improving application security by using continual authorization. Amazon Verified Permissions is a scalable permissions management and fine-grained authorization service […]

Use Amazon Verified Permissions for fine-grained authorization at scale

Implementing user authentication and authorization for custom applications requires significant effort. For authentication, customers often use an external identity provider (IdP) such as Amazon Cognito. Yet, authorization logic is typically implemented in code. This code can be prone to errors, especially as permissions models become complex, and presents significant challenges when auditing permissions and deciding […]

AWS recognized as an Overall Leader in 2024 KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for Policy Based Access Management

Amazon Web Services (AWS) was recognized by KuppingerCole Analysts AG as an Overall Leader in the firm’s Leadership Compass report for Policy Based Access Management. The Leadership Compass report reveals Amazon Verified Permissions as an Overall Leader (as shown in Figure 1), a Product Leader for functional strength, and an Innovation Leader for open source […]

SaaS access control using Amazon Verified Permissions with a per-tenant policy store

SaaS access control using Amazon Verified Permissions with a per-tenant policy store

Access control is essential for multi-tenant software as a service (SaaS) applications. SaaS developers must manage permissions, fine-grained authorization, and isolation. In this post, we demonstrate how you can use Amazon Verified Permissions for access control in a multi-tenant document management SaaS application using a per-tenant policy store approach. We also describe how to enforce the […]

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How to build a unified authorization layer for identity providers with Amazon Verified Permissions

Enterprises often have an identity provider (IdP) for their employees and another for their customers. Using multiple IdPs allows you to apply different access controls and policies for employees and for customers. However, managing multiple identity systems can be complex. A unified authorization layer can ease administration by centralizing access policies for APIs regardless of […]

Automate Cedar policy validation with AWS developer tools

Automate Cedar policy validation with AWS developer tools

Cedar is an open-source language that you can use to write policies and make authorization decisions based on those policies. AWS security services including AWS Verified Access and Amazon Verified Permissions use Cedar to define policies. Cedar supports schema declaration for the structure of entity types in those policies and policy validation with that schema. […]

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Governance at scale: Enforce permissions and compliance by using policy as code

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies are at the core of access control on AWS. They enable the bundling of permissions, helping to provide effective and modular access control for AWS services. Service control policies (SCPs) complement IAM policies by helping organizations enforce permission guardrails at scale across their AWS accounts. The use of access control […]

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Build an entitlement service for business applications using Amazon Verified Permissions

Amazon Verified Permissions is designed to simplify the process of managing permissions within an application. In this blog post, we aim to help customers understand how this service can be applied to several business use cases. Companies typically use custom entitlement logic embedded in their business applications. This is the most common approach, and it […]

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How we designed Cedar to be intuitive to use, fast, and safe

This post is a deep dive into the design of Cedar, an open source language for writing and evaluating authorization policies. Using Cedar, you can control access to your application’s resources in a modular and reusable way. You write Cedar policies that express your application’s permissions, and the application uses Cedar’s authorization engine to decide which […]

Simplify fine-grained authorization with Amazon Verified Permissions and Amazon Cognito

Simplify fine-grained authorization with Amazon Verified Permissions and Amazon Cognito

July 20, 2023: This post had been updated on the code samples to match the most recent documentation for the JavaScript SDK and the Verified Permissions API. June 28, 2023: The article has been updated to make the console example and documentation consistent. AWS customers already use Amazon Cognito for simple, fast authentication. With the […]