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Updated AWS Ramp-Up Guide available for security, identity, and compliance

To support our customers in securing their Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment, AWS offers digital training, whitepapers, blog posts, videos, workshops, and documentation to learn about security in the cloud.

The AWS Ramp-Up Guide: Security is designed to help you quickly learn what is most important to you when it comes to security, identity, and compliance. The Ramp-Up Guide helps you get started with learning cloud foundations and then provides you with options for building skills in various security domains.

Recently, we have updated the AWS Ramp-Up Guide: Security. In this post, we will highlight some of the changes and discuss how to use the new guide.

Update highlights

Based on customer feedback, new service and feature releases, and our experience helping customers, we’ve updated the majority of the guide with new content. Some highlights of the new version include:

  • Focus on AWS security digital trainings — The new Ramp-Up Guide for security focuses on digital trainings provided by AWS Skill Builder. AWS Skill Builder is a learning center for AWS customers and partners to build cloud skills through digital trainings, self-paced labs, and other course types. AWS Skill Builder has a variety of AWS security content to help customers understand concepts and gain hands-on experience with AWS security.
  • Security focus areas — Because there are different roles and focuses within cybersecurity, we created sections for different focus areas of AWS security, including threat detection and incident response (TD/IR), compliance, data protection, and more. A Security Operations Center (SOC) analyst, for example, can choose to focus on TD/IR training, which is most relevant for that role.
  • Extensive additional resources — For each focus area, we added new resources, including whitepapers, blogs, re:Invent videos, and workshops. Customers can use these additional resources to supplement the AWS Skill Builder courses and labs.

How to use the new guide

The AWS Ramp-Up Guide: Security is designed to take you all the way from cloud foundations to the AWS Certified Security – Specialty certification. The guide takes the latest in digital training available from AWS Skill Builder and augments that with the latest resources aligned to foundational concepts and specialized areas within cloud security. Although you are free to use the learnings in any order, if you are new to the cloud, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Sign up for your free AWS Skill Builder account, which provides you with more than 600 digital courses.

    Note: You can optionally buy an AWS Skill Builder subscription if you’d like to complete the self-paced labs. See Pricing options for AWS Skill Builder for more details.

  2. Review the “Learn the fundamentals of the AWS Cloud” section of the Ramp-Up Guide, choose a course name under Learning Resource, and search for that course in Skill Builder. If you are unsure of which course to start with, we recommend that you begin with “AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials.”
  3. After you’ve completed the “Learn the fundamentals of the AWS Cloud” section, proceed to the “AWS Cloud Security Fundamentals” section begin your security training.
  4. After you complete the Security Fundamentals section, review the specialized security focus areas in the Ramp-Up Guide, choose a focus area, and complete the training items within that focus area.
  5. After you’ve completed the training specific to your focus area, explore other focus areas beyond the scope of your immediate role. Security often requires knowledge across domains and focus areas, so we encourage you to explore the security focus areas beyond the immediate scope of your role.
  6. Review the “Putting it all together” section to prepare for the AWS Certified Security – Specialization certification.
  7. Go build, securely!

More information

For more information and to get started, see the updated AWS Ramp-Up Guide: Security.

We greatly value feedback and contributions from our community. To share your thoughts and insights about the AWS Ramp-Up Guide: Security and your experience using it, and what you want to see in future versions, please contact

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Anna McAbee

Anna is a Security Specialist Solutions Architect focused on threat detection and incident response at AWS. Before AWS, she worked as an AWS customer in financial services on both the offensive and defensive sides of security. Outside of work, Anna enjoys cheering on the Florida Gators football team, wine tasting, and traveling the world.

Conor Colgan

Conor Colgan

Conor is a Sr. Solutions Architect on the AWS Healthcare and Life Sciences (HCLS) Startup team. He focuses on helping organizations of all sizes adopt AWS to help meet their business objectives and accelerate their velocity. Prior to AWS, Conor built automated compliance solutions for healthcare customers in the cloud ranging from startups to enterprise, helping them build and demonstrate a culture of compliance.