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Why Small and Medium Businesses Should Use Cloud Services to Outpace Competitors

If you found yourself amidst a software buying spree the last few years, you’re not alone. Over three-quarters of small and medium businesses (SMBs) increased their reliance on technology due to the pandemic, especially for cloud-based services to improve remote work and modernize business applications. But now the current macroeconomic climate has SMBs rethinking their […]

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My Cloud Migration Strategy Helped Me Prepare for the Future in Months, Not Years

From staffing shortages to supply chain bottlenecks, the telecom industry has experienced many of the same problems facing almost every business sector since the pandemic. But along with these challenges, telecom and broadband companies are also feeling a demand for innovation. The last two years have brought a fresh wave of investment to telecom, including […]

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How E-Commerce Companies Can Optimize Cost with Serverless Technologies

Did you know 47% of small businesses are in danger of permanent closure according to a recent study by Alignable? The challenges include record-breaking inflation, higher-than-normal gas prices, rent hikes, labor issues, a still-broken supply chain, reports of reduced consumer spending, elevating interest rates, recessionary fears, and the fact that several businesses have not recouped […]