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Three High Impact, Low Effort Tasks Small and Medium Businesses Can Do to Optimize IT Costs

Did you know managing cloud IT spend is one of the top challenges for 80 percent of small and medium sized businesses (SMBs)? In today’s turbulent business landscape which includes inflation, supply chain constraints, and rising energy costs, it has become important for all the businesses around the world to proceed with caution. Especially for SMBs with […]

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How One SMB Processes Thousands of Claims in Minutes with Serverless Computing

For small and medium businesses (SMBs), making the decision to modernize older technologies can unlock vast opportunities. Wisconsin, US-based technology firm VBA is a leading provider of comprehensive software solutions to the health insurance industry. They are a healthcare SMB and their flagship offering, VBASoftware, provides customers with secure and flexible claims processing in the […]

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How Small and Medium Businesses Can Save Money with the Cloud

In the current economic landscape, the cost of doing business around the world is increasing. Companies of all sizes are facing myriad obstacles, including budget constraints, limited resources, supply chain issues, and ever-changing customer expectations. The pressure to cut costs across all areas makes remaining competitive a challenge—especially for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Can […]

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My Cloud Migration Strategy Helped Me Prepare for the Future in Months, Not Years

From staffing shortages to supply chain bottlenecks, the telecom industry has experienced many of the same problems facing almost every business sector since the pandemic. But along with these challenges, telecom and broadband companies are also feeling a demand for innovation. The last two years have brought a fresh wave of investment to telecom, including […]

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How to Manage Cloud Costs for Your Small or Medium Business

For your small or medium business (SMB) to get maximum return on its IT investments, you must build a strong foundation of cloud financial management capabilities. IDC surveys (2022) show that cloud infrastructure and Platform as a Service costs are topping the list of the highest area of cost containment concern (53%). At the same […]

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How E-Commerce Companies Can Optimize Cost with Serverless Technologies

Did you know 47% of small businesses are in danger of permanent closure according to a recent study by Alignable? The challenges include record-breaking inflation, higher-than-normal gas prices, rent hikes, labor issues, a still-broken supply chain, reports of reduced consumer spending, elevating interest rates, recessionary fears, and the fact that several businesses have not recouped […]