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Got a great idea? Build on AWS Activate

Calling all startup founders! Jump-start your idea using AWS Activate. Since 2013, AWS for Startups has offered industry-leading resources and AWS credits to over 200,000 startups, but that was just the beginning.

Starting today, from the moment you join Activate, you’ll also gain instant access to Activate Console, which offers a robust suite of benefits, including technical training, tested and proven infrastructure templates, personalized guidance, and more.

Previously, as a startup you had to apply for credits before you could access Activate benefits. Plus, as soon as you received Activate credits, the clock started ticking towards your credits’ expiration date.

Now, when you’re ready to deploy your solution, you can apply for Activate credits, unlock cost-optimization tips to help offset infrastructure costs, and access exclusive third-party offers from our trusted partners.

How to get started using AWS Activate Console

Step 1: Join AWS Activate

Using your AWS Account, complete the enrollment form. All startups can apply — even if all you have is an idea right now. If you don’t have an AWS Account, sign up today!

Step 2: Access your AWS Activate Console

As soon as you join Activate, you’ll have instant access to your personalized Activate Console. Think of the Activate Console as your Activate smart hub — it’s where you’ll access all the tools, education, and resources we’ve designed just for your startup.

More reasons to explore your Activate Console:

  • Build at your own pace. Prove out your minimum viable product (MVP) on more than 40 solution templates tailored to your use case. No infrastructure experience needed here — your Activate Console provides personalized recommendations and exclusive trainings to optimize your building experience.
  • Get personalized content that grows with you. Startups can be at different phases in their journeys. A founder who is tweaking a great idea needs different resources than startups who are celebrating their Series A funding. Your Activate Console delivers customized resources based on the stage and role you’re in, simplifying every step of your journey.
  • Learn with AWS experts. Get guidance from the experts who power the world’s best companies. Training sessions, interactive how-to’s, and specialized events help you build the foundational skills you need to level up your startup.
  • Real-time updates. Your Activate Console knows what your startup needs. It gives you real-time updates on the health of your AWS environment, helps you discover new AWS services, and is the monitoring tool you need to keep your growth on track.
  • Access to AWS Startup Lofts. Access to AWS Startup Lofts includes webinars, 1:1 sessions with AWS startup experts, and co-working space in select locations.

Step 3: Apply for AWS Activate credits

Depending on your startup stage, you may qualify for up to $100,000 in Activate credits, as well as additional AWS support credits. Plus, when you’re approved for credits, you’ll also gain access to:

  • Exclusive offers. If you have Activate credits already, you also unlock access to exclusive offers from trusted organizations such as Notion, Miro, Hubspot, and Stripe. The discounts, free trial periods, credits, and other startup-friendly perks are all designed to help you grow and succeed.
  • Cost-optimization tools. If you have Activate credits, your Activate Console will help you maximize your spend with a Cost and Credits Summary. It gives you real-time visibility into your balances, alerts you of pending credit expiration, and offers tailored cost-optimization tips to make the most of your spend.

Don’t rush this step — we want you to build at your own pace. When you are ready to deploy your solution, you can apply for the Activate credits that can help offset that cost.

Get started building today!

You’ve got the great idea. Let’s get started building it together, today. Join AWS Activate.

Angel Gambino

Angel Gambino

Angel, a Principal at AWS Startups, began her career as a public interest environmental attorney before going on to become a WIRED Top 100 founder, CEO, and operator of five startups across four continents — personally raising over $30 million leading to exits over $2 billion and a public listing. “Angel the angel (investor)” has invested in and/or mentored hundreds of startups and advised numerous Fortune 50 companies. She’s a Partner in a venture studio that has spawned both unicorns and duds (otherwise known as learning). Angel remains mission-driven to create economic mobility and equity through entrepreneurship.