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Helping People Quit Smoking Through Financial Rewards

Vincere Health offers low-cost access to addiction healthcare using reward-based habit training. Their belief is clinicians being in the loop are integral to lasting behavior change, and that the technology serves to facilitate and personalize this relationship at scale. Vincere chose AWS as their cloud provider because AWS provides the necessary tools to help us build a HIPAA compliant platform.

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Grow Your Startup with Free Tools and Resources from AWS Activate

This year, over 100 million global founders will embark on their journey to establish their startup with big, innovative ideas to solve our most pressing challenges. Through our global startup program AWS Activate, all startups can leverage the same technology that successful companies of all sizes are enjoying to build, grow and scale their business.

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Improving the Sustainability of Crop Farming Using a Data-driven Approach

Due to the effects of advancing climate change and a growing global population, agricultural professionals are under more pressure than ever before to produce higher yields with fewer inputs. Learn how Geopard, an independent precision agriculture platform, collaborates with Corteva, a leading global agricultural input company, to augment their physical products with smart recommendations integrated into a decision support tool powered by AWS.

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