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Startup Central Is Coming to Toronto

Startup Central Anaheim

On Thursday, October 3rd, AWS Startup Central will be heading to Canada at the AWS Summit – Toronto! Startup Central will be featured at the summit as a place for startups to meet, hear tech talks by other startups, and to get answers from startup experts around your trickiest questions through some 1:1 time. The intent of the booth is to provide those attendees who are looking to grow and develop their startups with a collaborative experience by providing opportunities to make valuable connections, ask questions, and learn.

This year’s Summit in Toronto will feature a few different areas, all aimed at providing startups with a beneficial place to meet and learn.

Startup Central: This main hub is a place where startups can meet, listen to talks by other startups, and get in-person answers to AWS technical questions. Note: Startup Central will be located within the main expo hall.

Ask a Startup Expert Bar: AWS startup experts will be onsite throughout the day to answer any technical questions you may have, whether they be product/service specific, or basic, foundational questions you may want clarification on. No appointment necessary!

Startup Talks featuring Hot Startups: Join us at Startup Central’s theater for a series of engaging talks from other startup companies’ CTOs, SVPs, and lead engineers. These talks will include information on various projects they’re working on, products/services they’ve used, and how they’ve leveraged AWS to ultimately find success. Featured startups include Tulip Retail, Bluecat, and Phenomic AI.

You can optimize your day by attending sessions, workshops, and hands-on activities. Find the full AWS Summit – Toronto agenda below.

Startup Central Agenda at the AWS Summit – Toronto

12:30PM – Pungle – Goodbye VMs, hello containers: Improved deployment time & app management

1:00pm – Auvik – A journey to Kubernetes and microservices

1:30pm – Doorr – The future is serverless

2:00pm – – Customer-segmented infrastructure at

2:30pm – Tulip Retail – Automating SFTP workflows

3:00pm – Phenomic AI – From data transfer to scores: A use case with Apache Airflow and AWS

3:30pm – MioVision – Streaming live traffic data using Amazon Kinesis, AWS IoT Core & AWS Lambda

4:00pm – Mylo – Real-time Transaction processing using SQS and Lambda

4:30pm – Vidyard – Generating personalized video in real time with AWS Lambda

5:00pm – Kidoodle.TV – Microservices for major streaming

Rachel Van Dinter

Rachel Van Dinter

Rachel is Global Startup Marketing Manager for AWS, primarily focused on events for startups.