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Startup Launch Announcements at AWS re:Invent

werner vogels aws reinvent 2015
Yesterday afternoon at AWS re:Invent, Dr. Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon, hosted the 4th Annual Startup Launches session. During this event, four AWS-powered startups launched their companies on stage in front entrepreneurs, cloud technology enthusiasts, and other startups built on AWS. If you weren’t in Las Vegas and didn’t see the launches live, below is a recap of the disruptive services these four startups launched: Movidiam
Movidiam is reimagining the way films are created. A professional creative network and project management application, the platform allows brands, agencies, and filmmakers across the globe to connect, collaborate, and create remarkable films. At AWS re:Invent, Movidiam announced its launch into public beta and shared its objective to disrupt the traditional industry model and streamline the entire production process from concept to completion. Complex in its build and intuitive in its design, Movidiam is ultimately made for filmmakers, by filmmakers, using AWS technology and infrastructure to ensure that the platform performs as a profiling network, professional community, and project management system seamlessly. Filmmaking happiness starts here — visit Prairie Cloudware
Prairie Cloudware enables financial institutions to meet their customers’ desire for choice, convenience, and security when purchasing goods and services online or using mobile devices at the point of sale. At AWS re:Invent Prairie Cloudware announced its Digital Payments Guardian™ service, delivered on AWS, that gives financial institutions the ability to leverage their role as the trusted provider of payments services for consumers while decreasing the cost of fraud and improving their return on investment. Using AWS as the platform for the Digital Payments Guardian, Prairie Cloudware provides its customers with bank-grade security and the ability to introduce innovations faster. The Digital Payments Guardian integrates into the digital channels financial institutions’ already have in place to make payments easier for and extend value-added services to consumers. Churnspotter
ChurnSpotter was launched by Predicsis at AWS re:Invent, along with new Amazon Redshift integration. Churnspotter allows companies to predict user’s behavior to boost conversion, upsell, or retention campaigns. It is an automated and full self-service solution. Based on award winning Machine Learning, it uses customer’s behavioral analytics, payment information, or other data sources to detect your targeted users. It provides a list of your customers with their propensity to churn or to upgrade. The results are then pushed into your customer engagement platform. It is proven to be superfast and accurate. Retention campaigns can then be targeted to the right customers. Results from early adopters show retention increase by 40%, generating hundreds of thousands dollars revenue. Learn more at

OpsClarity previewed an entirely new approach to web-scale operations management. Their first product, an intelligent operations monitoring platform, brings together the innovations in streaming analytics and data science to address the unique challenges of today’s operations professional. The product’s focus on data synthesis and contextual visualization of complex data is evident across the user interface, which resembles a maps-like visualization of your operations data. The platform expands on traditional monitoring — with features like advanced analytics around automated service discovery, anomaly detection, and event correlation — and drives continuous focus on what’s most important. The OpsClarity top-notch technical team includes data scientists and large-scale systems engineers with decades of experience building core relevance algorithms and cloud-scale infrastructures for giants like Yahoo, eBay, and Google.

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