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Startup Migration: Around the World to AWS

In 2016, we saw startups of all shapes and sizes migrate to Amazon Web Services (AWS). In true Amazon fashion, we dived a little deeper into our data to take a look why. Here are five startups we invited from China, India, Israel, and the US to share 100 words on their migration.

houzz migration AWS

AWS knows what market leaders want
Maybe it’s luck, maybe it’s experience. We’d love to believe that Houzz fell for the latter. Houzz is a US-based platform for home remodeling and design. It’s a place to find the right design and contact the best construction professionals. With a community of 40 million homeowners, home design enthusiasts, and home improvement professionals, Houzz is a leader in their field, who wants to partner with a leader in the cloud. In 2016, Houzz needed additional scale and we had 70 services ready for them to cherry-pick from.Architecting, infrastructure, build… we have their back, and our services are always the most updated (without the delays and the noise).

AWS migration Ibibo Group

AWS helps startups expand internationally easily
The AWS footprint is worldwide across 16 geographical regions and 42 Availability Zones. And that’s exactly what Ibibo Group wanted to leverage when they migrated to AWS. Ibibo is India’s largest online travel group with services ranging from hotel booking, to bus ticketing, and to vehicle tracking and car sharing. With over three million unique users transacting every month, Ibibo migrated to AWS to take advantage of our breadth of services as they continue to expand their business internationally.A worldwide travel group like Ibibo needs a universal cloud provider that’s strong and reliable in every region.

Fruit Day AWS Migration

AWS helps scale the freshest ideas

For example, China’s largest e-commerce platform that imports fresh fruit products from all around the world. Fruitday took a risk back in 2015 and launched its app to try and grow its traditional fruit retail business. Within a year, they scaled to over 10 million users and grew 100%. Fruitday decided to migrate to AWS last year for our reliability, customer service, and ability to help them optimize their unique supply chain needs seamlessly.We scale when there’s demand and growth – our flexibility is always in-season.

Seeking Alpha AWS Migration

AWS saves you money
Seeking Alpha
is a platform for investment research that is crowdsourced by investors and industry experts. With four million registered users, seven million unique monthly visitors, and a vast coverage of stocks, asset classes, and ETFs, Seeking Alpha enjoys our pay-per-use scheme to lower costs. Whether it’s a new moderator’s profile or 6,000 daily comments, you use (and pay) for what you need. No long-term contracts or upfront comments. We make sure our startups are operating efficiently and, more importantly, cost-effectively.Trust the finance guy to know: AWS makes sense financially.

Lumosity AWS Migration

AWS is easy to use
The smart folks over at the brain-training company tend to think so. Lumos Labs (you might be more familiar with their product Lumosity) is a US-based company used by 85 million people worldwide. Their 25+ brain games challenge their users’ memory, attention, flexibility, speed of processing, and problem solving. Lumos Labs leveraged some of the innovative services of AWS like Amazon Redshift to find the simplest solutions.With all that brain training, no wonder they thought migrating over was a no-brainer.

And there we have it. Five top startups around the world that migrated to AWS to solve very different problems. Technologically, they picked us due to our ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and scalability. Business-wise, they picked us because we understand the needs of global industry leaders.

But regardless of whichever reason above, we know our customers truly love us because we always put them first. AWS continuously strives to serve all of our customers by pushing the envelope to innovate on their behalf. When you have a need, we strive to provide a service that meets that need for you. And that’s why we’re excited to walk alongside you, through your journey in the clouds.