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Startups on Air Hits HIMSS 2018

Over 40,000 attendees from every corner of healthcare descended upon Las Vegas last week for the annual HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) Conference. Global Startup Evangelist Mackenzie Kosut took advantage of this massive event to talk to nine healthcare startups, weaving his way through the expo halls to chat with CEOs, CTOs, and heads of engineering for his Startups on Air video series.

Qventus has made it its mission to help hospitals run more smoothly. Brent Newhouse, one of the founders, discussed how they were motivated to find a more data-driven method to help caregivers make decisions, in order to fully focus on providing patients with the best care. They utilize a number of AWS services to make this all possible, such as RDS, EC2, and the AWS security posture. “We’ve been really happy with Amazon, it’s scaled up to our needs,” Newhouse explains, adding that they’re using Redshift to run a lot of complicated Machine Learning to join together large data sets. Redshift allows this to happen quickly, which is critical, as performance is vital and things have to move with pace.

Talking w/@qventus Decision management platform for hospital operations. Help hospitals run more smoothly! #HIMSS2018

-@AWSstartups (March 6, 2018)


Morris Panner is the CEO of Ambra Health, a New York-based company whose application makes it easy to move, share, and view diagnostic imaging such as x-rays, CT scans, MRI exams, and more. Panner says that they’ve relied on AWS to build instances and have been able to do so in Singapore, Tokyo, Frankfurt, and Montreal. This has allowed Ambra Health to bring Elastic Compute to these areas and helped the company to scale infrastructure.

Talking w/ @ambrahealth Your medical imaging cloud! #HIMSS18 Booth 8324 @KLASresearch

-@AWSstartups (March 8, 2018)


Next up was TytoCare, where Deli Gilad, CEO and Co-Founder, explained to Kosut how the company has transitioned the primary care visit from the clinic to the home. Their technology allows patients to run a full visit remotely from the home with a physician. TytoCare explains they are using Elastic Beanstalk for scalability, along with S3 for storage and RDS Multi A-Z to manage multi availability across various zones.

Talking w/ @tytocare the missing link in telehealth! #HIMSS2018 Booth 11213

-@ AWSstartups (March 6, 2018)


Omri Shor, CEO and Co-Founder at Medisafe, spoke about tackling one of the biggest problems in healthcare: medication. Medisafe is the leading medication management platform and app for consumers, with about 4.2 million registered users. They use data to personalize the patient experience, increasing overall safety, awareness, and engagement. AWS has allowed the company to scale up and be elastic.

Talking w/ @medisafeapp The leading medication management platform and app! #HIMSS2018 Booth 9900-63

-@AWSstartups (March 7, 2018)


Redox is a single platform for any digital health company to exchange information with health systems and EHR’s across the country,” explains Luke Bonney, Co-Founder and CEO. Nick Hatt, a developer at Redox, explains that the company has leveraged EC2, ECR, Lambda, and Docker to architect their service.

Talking w/ @redox Single platform for EHR integration #HIMSS Booth 1275

-@AWSstartups (March 7, 2018)


CEO and Co-Founder of Medal, Lonnie Rae, spoke with Kosut about how the company allows one to extract and index medical information from any medical record system. Board member and security advisor Dan Kaminsky explains that Medal utilizes EC2, VPC, and Lambda from AWS to run efficiently and focus on their product.

Talking w/ @getmedal @lonnierae @dakami Making healthcare records universally exportable! #HIMSS2018 @interopshowcase

-@AWSstartups (March 7, 2018)




Emily Richmond, Head of Product at Practice Fusion, discusses how the company is the #1 cloud-based electronic health record platform. It serves small, independent physicians and has a portal that serves patients as well. Ken Sheppard, a software architect at the company, said that having nearly all of their applications on AWS has allowed them to raise the bar on security and focus on what their users really want, which is a fantastic product. Practice Fusion utilizes microservices, GuardDuty, and MongoDB to accomplish this.

Talking w/@practicefusion Cloud based electronic health record platform! #HIMSS2018 Booth 2468

-@AWSstartups (March 7, 2018)



Ayasdi is a machine intelligence company that works with both payers and providers in the healthcare space. On the provider side, they do clinical variation management, which helps to determine the optimal way to perform any surgery. Jonathan Symonds, CMO, says that more of their clients are becoming increasingly comfortable with moving to the cloud and it has allowed them to grow their business more rapidly.

Talking w/ @ayasdi Machine Intelligence for the Journey to Value-Based Care #HIMSS2018 Booth 7201

-@AWSstartups (March 5, 2018)