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Achieve Better Price to Performance for TiDB on Amazon EKS with Graviton2 Processors

For startups, being able to save infrastructure cost while improving database performance and automating data layer operations can be crucial. Startups can then shift the cost savings for value innovations while at the same time improve their customer experience. While the value of running on Kubernetes is clear, some claim that this can be a costly affair for customers. In this blog, Pincap shares findings from a benchmark they conducted to compare price-performance ratio when running TiDB on Amazon EKS with AWS Graviton2 (Arm) and on the Intel Xeon Platinum 8000 series (x86).

Creating ML-driven Intelligence with Enigma Technologies

Enigma Technologies is on a mission to improve the world around it by intelligently gathering, interpreting, and acting on data. Enigma does so using Amazon SageMaker, which allows it to train and deploy learning models that can process hundreds of millions of data sets for its customers.