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Dataiku: AI-Driven Enterprise

It’s vital for the whole organization to experience and support data culture, rather than just the experts. Dataiku (a portmanteau of data and haiku) is a software company that lowers the skill level needed to develop projects using analytical AI. Romain Fouache, VP of Strategy at Dataiku, claims that, for an enterprise to truly be AI-driven, decisions must be formed using a greater understanding and processing of collected data. Dataiku produces Dataiku DSS, a collaborative data science software that allows advanced analytics and enterprise AI. By facilitating a number of data infrastructures, organizations can leverage Dataiku to comb through collected data, access and process data, facilitate collaborative profiles, and to organize the collective intelligence of data into effective models. These models allow users to improve marketing strategies, fraud detection, optimization, and predictive maintenance.

Dataiku, formed in 2013, has grown dramatically in the past five years, swelling to an organization of approximately 160 members. Fouache notes that AI and analytics technology transform how businesses are run, increasing efficiency.