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Klaxoon’s Charles Kergaravat on the Future of Work, Collaboration Tools, and Scaling with AWS

The average executive spends 16 years of his or her life in a meeting. That’s a quite a bit of time, so it makes sense to try to maximize meetings for efficiency and productivity. That’s where Klaxoon comes in. A collaborative platform designed to improve teamwork, Klaxoon lets everyone in a meeting share information and feel as if the’re being heard. To help spread the meeting revolution, Klaxoon, led by Charles Kergaravat, Director of International Marketing, is currently on a 11-week, 16-city teamwork tour, where they’re traveling the world in a truck and sharing productivity tips, workshops, and demos from the world’s biggest organizations.

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Roxanne Varza of Station F

Roxanne Varza looks back on the history – and future – of Station F

In the middle of Paris’s 13th arrondissement, a few blocks away from the banks of the Seine, stands a former railway depot. It used to be known as la Halle Freyssinet; today it’s simply Station F. And it’s the world’s biggest startup campus, housing 1,000 companies within 34,000 square meters. To put that in Parisian perspective, it’s the size of the Eiffel tower lying down. We spoke with Roxanne Varza, the director of Station F, to get a sense of what’s been happening since the campus opened in June 2017.

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