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Amazon DynamoDB on Production: FinBox’s Compilation of Lessons Learned in a Year

FinBox is a comprehensive digital lending platform with a focus on underwriting using alternative data. For one of FinBox’s products DeviceConnect, they provide a credit score based on enriched mobile device data for customers. At the time of writing this article, they were scoring close to a million customers per month and ingesting close to 80 GB of new data every day. DeviceConnect makes heavy use of Amazon DynamoDB. Here are the lessons they learned after using DynamoDB in the product for the last year.

AWS IoT Button

Using AWS IoT to Reduce Waste

With the IoT button, when someone notices leftover food all it takes is one press of the button for the entire building to get a notification, which helps us get free lunch. More important, it significantly decreases the amount of waste that we produce!