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What’s Hot at AWS Pop-up Lofts in October

The unquestioned highlight of October is the launch of a fourth AWS Pop-up Loft — this one in Berlin! Opening October 14, the Berlin Loft will remain open for 30 days. Full details of the Berlin Loft opening can be found here.

With four Pop-up Lofts (London, New York, San Francisco, and Berlin), October will be one of our busiest months, highlighted by re:Invent live stream parties, startup pitch events, and technical sessions covering API Gateway, Blue/Green Deployments, and more. Below is a sampling of featured Loft events coming up this month:

Featured Events:

re:Invent Live Stream Parties

If you can’t make it to AWS re:Invent but want to be part of the action, you’re in luck! Join us at the London, San Francisco, or New York AWS Loft where you can watch live streams straight from Las Vegas during the day, and attend special networking events in the evening.
October 6–8 [New York, San Francisco, London]

Startup Pitch Events

Come see five innovative startups pitch their big ideas to an audience of their peers at startup pitch events at our San Francisco and New York Lofts. Each person in attendance will get to vote on which category each startup best represents. After the pitches we’ll keep the party rolling with drinks, snacks, Halloween costumes, music, and more.
October 27, 6:30pm [New York]; October 29, 6pm [San Francisco]

San Francisco: Featured Loft Events in October

Behind the Scenes with ironSource — “The Road to Production with Node.js and Docker on AWS”

Learn how the ironSource team migrated a production system that handles hundreds of millions of events daily to Docker. They’ll discuss how they migrated from VM’s to Docker, present their architecture, and talk about the journey. Hands on best practices and Dockerfiles!
Tuesday, October 13, 6pm [San Francisco]

A New Way to Use EC2 — At Up to 90% Less Than On Demand Prices

Learn to launch a fleet of EC2 Spot Instances to run your applications at 1 cent per core. Discover and provision the cheapest EC2 capacity across all instance types and AZs. Scale your fleet based on CloudWatch metrics like SQS queue length, CPU utilization, and more.
Monday, October 26, 3pm [San Francisco]

New York: Featured Loft Events in October

Chef Cookbook Workflow

In this talk, Chef Community Director Nathen Harvey will demonstrate some of the tooling that’s included in Chef Development Kit (ChefDK) and show you how to get started with a test-driven approach to writing infrastructure code.
Tuesday, October 20, 6:30pm [New York]

A Prescription for Startup Financial Health — 8 Financial Best Practices for Startup Executives

Get the Startup Executive Cliff Notes on Accounting, Finance and HR. You’ll learn the secrets to extending your runway, how to avoid compliance hassles that can sink your company, which systems and software to use, and those that must be avoided.
Wednesday, October 28, 6:30pm [New York]

London: Featured Loft Events in October

Amazon API Gateway

Join this session and learn how to deploy an API via the AWS Management Console to access data, business logic, or functionality from your back-end services, such as workloads running on Amazon EC2, code running on AWS Lambda, or any web application.
Thursday, October 8, 1pm [London]

Masterclass Live: Amazon EMR

In this session we’ll show you how to setup an Amazon EMR job flow to analyze application logs, and perform Hive queries against it. We will also review best practices around data file organization on S3, how clusters can be started from the AWS web console and command line, and how to monitor the status of a Map/Reduce job.
Wednesday, October 14, 10am [London]

Berlin: Featured Loft Events in October

Simple Security for Startups

Learn about VPC design for multi-tier web applications, securing your instances with Security Groups, delegating permissions to EC2 instances with IAM roles, and logging API calls with AWS CloudTrail.
Friday, October 16, 6pm [Berlin]

Deep Dive into Blue/Green Deployments on AWS

AWS provides an environment to manage blue/green deployments in a cost-effective and low-risk way. Learn how AWS services can help automate blue/green deployment patterns.
Tuesday, October 20, 4pm [Berlin]

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