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Update to Amazon S3 Path Deprecation Plan

On May 08, 2019, Jeff Barr announced in a blog post that Amazon S3 will deprecate path-style URLs for new buckets created after September 30, 2020. Over the last year, we’ve heard feedback from many customers who have asked us to extend the deprecation date. Based on this feedback we have decided to delay the deprecation of path-style URLs to ensure that customers have the time that they need to transition to virtual hosted-style URLs.

We have also heard feedback from customers that virtual hosted-style URLs should support buckets that have dots in their names for compatibility reasons, so we’re working on developing that support. Once we do, we will provide at least one full year prior to deprecating support for path-style URLs for new buckets.

For more information, please visit our documentation on virtual hosted-style URLs and our recent blog post on best practices for using Amazon S3 endpoints with AWS CloudFormation.

If you have feedback or questions, please contact AWS Support.

Paul Meighan

Paul Meighan

Paul Meighan is a Senior Manager on Amazon S3's Product Management team, focused on Security, Access, and the S3 API. A storage industry veteran of over 10 years, Paul joined the Amazon S3 team in 2018. Paul is also a boomerang Amazonian, and started his career in tech in IT Operations working on in the late 90's.