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Addressing industry-specific supply chain challenges with AWS Supply Chain

Introduction Supply chains are vast, interconnected networks spanning multiple tiers of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and customers across diverse geographies. These complex, multimodal networks involve numerous internal and external players operating at different consumption points. The multitude of participants, disparate systems, and lack of seamless data sharing challenge demand and supply planning processes, making it difficult […]

AWS Supply Chain simplifies ESG data compliance

Organizations face a complex challenge in maintaining sustainability compliance across their vast, global supply chains. Managing complex regulatory requirements, collecting data from suppliers worldwide, and auditing that data for accuracy using traditional email and fragmented messaging tools proves inefficient and error-prone. As organizations navigate the modern supply chain landscape, embracing digital and physical transformations will […]

Research advisory report on achieving supply chain resilience

Persistent supply chain disruptions have exposed the vulnerabilities caused by siloed data and disjointed processes that impact supply chain visibility, agility, and resilience. The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group’s comprehensive research advisory report addresses these critical challenges and provides a roadmap for enhancing end-to-end supply chain synchronization. It emphasizes establishing a broad, interconnected supply chain […]

Digital and physical transformation for supply chains resiliency

Organizations are pursuing leaner operations and new strategies to meet customer demands, lower costs, and increase resiliency against external forces. Every industry has faced an increasing number of supply chain disruptions over the past decade due to natural disasters, weather events, labor shortages, trade disputes, and geopolitical issues. The rate of supply chain disruptions is […]

Accelerating data ingestion and on-boarding with new AWS Supply Chain capabilities

AWS Supply Chain has added several exciting enhancements, including generative AI, to simplify the data ingestion process and improve your application on-boarding and setup experience. AWS Supply Chain unifies supply chain data, provides machine learning-powered actionable insights, and offers built-in contextual collaboration to help you mitigate risks, lower costs, and increase resilience. The supply chain […]

2024 supply chain management predictions: Navigating the future with advanced technologies

I would like to wish everyone a wonderful, happy, and prosperous 2024, and share my supply chain management predictions as we start the new year. The landscape of supply chain management continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace. The past few years have been a testament to the resilience and adaptability of supply chains across […]

Improving visibility to increase supply chain resiliency with AWS Supply Chain

Global economic, environmental, and social factors are still disrupting supply chains. This limits organizations’ ability to meet customer demand and manage operational costs. While supply chain issues are attributed to a variety of causes, the lack of supply chain visibility is at the top of the list. Research by Gartner found that improved supply chain […]