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Recent AWS Supply Chain Releases and Commitment to Customers

We’re preparing for the future of supply chain with innovation on AWS Supply Chain. We innovate by working backwards from our customers, where we listen to you, understand your challenges, and gather your feedback. This approach ensures that our innovations are aligned with your evolving needs. AWS Supply Chain is a cloud-based application that helps supply chain leaders mitigate risks and lower costs to increase supply chain resilience. AWS Supply Chain unifies supply chain data, provides machine learning (ML)–powered connectors and actionable insights, and offers built-in contextual collaboration. It is designed to help you increase customer service levels by reducing stock outs and help you lower costs from overstock.

This blog post summarizes the recent AWS Supply Chain releases. These features and capabilities are based on your feedback.

Forecasting using Product Lineage in Demand Planning

AWS Supply Chain Demand Planning now allows you to link products with their predecessor versions or alternates, referred to as product lineage, to enhance forecast accuracy. By establishing links between products and their previous versions or alternate products, planners can utilize historical sales data of prior models or similar products to inform forecasts. This ‘surrogate history’ forms the basis for more accurate demand predictions, ensuring that forecasts generated through product lineage are inherently precise, thereby minimizing the need for manual adjustments.

Enhancing Demand Planning

Demand forecasting is at the heart of an efficient supply chain so we’ve introduced multiple features to enhance this process:

  • The ability to apply multiple overrides on a demand forecast, allowing for simultaneous adjustments across products.
  • An intuitive and revamped user interface for AWS Supply Chain Demand Planning, simplifying forecast settings and streamlining workflows.
  • Automated retention of manual forecast overrides across planning cycles, ensuring consistent and efficient forecasting.

Boosting User Experience and Compliance

We’re committed to providing a seamless user experience. We’ve integrated AWS CloudTrail with AWS Supply Chain Demand Planning, enabling you to always monitor and ensure governance to improve transparency and compliance.

Extending Availability to New Regions

Regional interest in AWS Supply Chain continues to increase so we’re extending regional availability. AWS Supply Chain is now available in Australia (Sydney), Europe (Ireland), US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), and Europe (Frankfurt).


We’ll be unveiling additional exciting updates in the coming months. These enhancements are driven by our focus on innovation and based on our commitment to delivering value to our customers. Visit AWS Supply Chain to learn more and get started. You can also visit the AWS Workshop Studio for a self-paced technical overview of creating an instance, ingesting data, navigating the user interface, creating insights, and generating demand plans.

Harold Abell

Harold Abell

Harold Abell a is a Senior Product Manager for AWS Supply Chain. Harold is one of the founding product managers for AWS Supply Chain and involved with the concept and design of the application. Harold has over 10 years of industry experience in supply chain and software development with both General Electric (GE) and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Harold graduated from Brigham Young University with a BS and MS in Manufacturing Engineering and an MBA from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. In his spare time, Harold loves all things outdoors, including snow skiing and boating with his wife and three girls.

Harini Kidambi

Harini Kidambi

Harini Kidambi is a Product Manager for AWS Supply Chain Demand Planning. She has over five years of experience in supply chain and analytics with both BlueYonder and Amazon Web Services (AWS). She works with AWS Supply Chain customers to help understand their business needs, align technical solutions and user experience, and deliver the greatest business value.

Vita Grebeniuk

Vita Grebeniuk

Vita Grebeniuk is a Senior Technical Program Manager for AWS Supply Chain. Vita has over 10 years experience in software development and program management. In her current role she works with various AWS Supply Chain work streams towards product expansion and launching critical features for our customers to grow their business and solve complex supply chain challenges. Vita also likes biking and skiing, travel around the states and Canada, road trips - basically anything to spend more time outside and keep her family active.