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Dive into interactive learning built for your industry with AWS Industry Quest

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced the launch of AWS Industry Quest, a new interactive, game-based learning experience to help individuals and organizations develop the skills they need to build solutions for common use cases in their industry. Starting today, professionals and teams can play AWS Industry Quest: Financial Services to learn and build solutions for fraud prevention, data lakes for financial services, serverless deposit accounts, and more—with more industries to come. AWS Industry Quest is available in AWS Skill Builder, our digital learning center, as part of the Skill Builder subscriptions. These subscriptions, available for individual learners and organizations, offer engaging, experiential learning to provide practical experience with AWS.

Maureen Lonergan, vice president of AWS Training and Certification, said, “We’ve seen the effectiveness of game-based interactive learning through our AWS Cloud Quest approach, and now we’re growing that offering to support industry training needs, too. This first AWS Industry Quest release will focus on learners and customers in Financial Services, helping them build the right skills to innovate with the cloud, and have fun doing it.”

Players personalize their avatar, take over a virtual financial services firm, rebrand it, and by completing solution-building exercises, boost the company to industry leader status. Each solution takes approximately one hour to complete. Players have quick access to over 20 solutions, curated based on feedback from AWS industry experts and financial services customers, that can be completed in any order.

Screenshot of AWS Industry Quest: Financial Servicces main screen with quest assignments

Players can view solution assignments and their virtual firm’s progress from the main screen.

Each Industry Quest assignment begins with a challenge brief describing the firm’s problem, learning objectives, and a list of potential rewards. Using an in-game console environment, players learn how to build the solution, then apply their knowledge to complete it on their own.

screenshot of assignments and their learning objectives within AWS Industry Quest: Financial Services

Each solution assignment covers different services and learning objectives.

When players successfully complete a solution, they increase the firm’s key performance indicators (KPIs), earn rewards to unlock new workspace furniture and decor to customize their space, and watch it grow from a one-story office to a multi-level building. Players who want to share their progress with their networks can use the selfie cam feature to showcase their avatar in their evolving office, or complete all of the solution exercises to receive a verifiable digital badge from AWS.

Image of digital badge players receive once they complete AWS Industry Quest: Financial Services

Players who complete all of the assignments in AWS Industry Quest: Financial Services can share their achievement with a virtual badge.

Daniel Drentin—a Senior Analyst Engineer at National Australia Bank, one of the four largest financial institutions in Australia—has been using AWS in his workplace since 2015. When he tried AWS Industry Quest, he was impressed by the creativity behind the game and how it flowed. “The step-by-step approach to learning was helpful. Unlike watching a demo, where someone else is completing the task at their pace, I could execute the steps myself with AWS Industry Quest: Financial Services,” he shared. “Feedback in the game made it clear when I needed to correct an error, helping me identify and address any steps or solutions I didn’t understand. Building the solutions also gave me experience with service functionalities I didn’t know about and may start using now that I have built with them.”

AWS Industry Quest: Financial Services is available in English for personal computers through the AWS Skill Builder subscriptions.