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ICYMI: September 2020 highlights from AWS Training and Certification

Below is a summary of AWS Training and Certification news and updates in the month of September. This is a new feature, which we hope gives you an easy way to dive in and explore training, content, stories, and resources.

Enterprise skills development

5 steps to accelerate transformation and innovation in your organization
Transformation is a well-worn word these days. It means different things to different organizations. However, it’s hard to argue that every possible definition of transformation is underpinned by the people who work in your organization. Learn how to define a proven path to a sustainable culture of transformation by investing in these five people-focused steps. Read more.

4 ways VNR used training and certification to advance its cloud innovation
VNR is a German specialty publishing house that utilized the AWS Cloud to enable a self-service marketplace platform. Learn how VNR utilized AWS Training and Certification to train its developer team to speed company cloud adoption and innovation. Read more.

A conversation with World Wide Technology
World Wide Technology (WWT) is a technology service provider, an AWS Partner Advanced Consulting Partner, and one of the world’s preeminent data center enablement companies. Over the past 30 years, WWT has grown to more than 250 network engineers, 300 security engineers, and 600+ developers. Learn how their team relies on AWS Training and Certifications to keep skills sharp and expertise high. Read more.

New courses from AWS Training and Certification

AWS Power Hour: Machine Learning on Twitch
The Twitch AWS Power Hour: Machine Learning series, which livestreamed in August and September, is available via recorded streams. Throughout eight episodes, you’ll learn how to build apps with AI Services from AWS. The show provides in-depth technical education, to developers without prior machine learning expertise, in a fun and interactive environment. Read more.

Two new Exam Readiness courses
Two new exam readiness courses are available to support learners preparing for AWS Certified Database Analytics – Specialty and AWS Certified Database – Specialty. Each course teach learners how to interpret concepts related to exam questions, identify how questions align to the exam’s domain topics, understand the exam structure and question types, and allocate study time between the exam’s five subject areas. Enroll here: database analytics or database.

Two new AWS Media Services digital courses
Are you interested in learning about the daily operations of media services? Ever considered creating high-quality video for broadcast or video-on-demand? We’ve released two new courses that can help you: AWS Elemental MediaLive Primer and AWS Elemental MediaConvert Primer. Read more.

Building Modern Applications on AWS
Building Modern Applications on AWS allows learners to increase their knowledge of Java, Node.js, or Python and gain hands-on experience in guided labs as they learn how to build a modern, greenfield serverless backend on AWS. These courses are available exclusively on Coursera and edX.

Enroll on Coursera: Java, Node.js, or Python
Enroll on edX: Java, Node.js, or Python

Four new and updated courses for AWS Partners

AWS Solutions Training for Partners: Security Governance at Scale (Technical) is a new classroom course that teaches AWS Partners cloud security best practices for establishing continuous governance and management at scale. Enroll with AWS Partner credentials on APN Partner Central.

AWS Solutions Training for Partners: Data Analytics on AWS (Technical) is a new classroom course that helps AWS Partners understand how to successfully engage with data-driven customers, discuss five data analytics technical solutions, and make architectural decisions based on AWS best practices. Enroll with AWS Partner credentials on APN Partner Central.

The AWS Solutions Training for Partners: Migrating to AWS (Business) classroom course has been updated to include the most recent migration methodologies based on AWS best practices, tools, and case studies. This non-technical course focuses on the value proposition for migrating customer IT workloads to the AWS Cloud and building a migration practice with AWS. Enroll with AWS Partner credentials on APN Partner Central.

AWS Solutions Training for Partners: IoT on AWS (Business), now available as a self-paced digital course, teaches AWS Partners how to describe the AWS Internet of Things (IoT) value proposition, identify and qualify IoT opportunities, and help accelerate IoT adoption. AWS Enroll for the classroom or digital course using AWS Partner credentials.

Digital course for .Net on AWS
Getting Started with .NET on AWS course provides clear guidance on fundamental tools and services that developers can leverage to develop, deploy, manage, and secure .NET applications on AWS. Enroll here.

New product management specialization course on Coursera
Learn about the new course, Real-World Product Management specialization, geared toward women, minorities, and their allies, to provide real-world product management skills, training, and interview preparation support for PM roles and career opportunities. Read more.

AWS Certification

Slay imposter syndrome while prepping for AWS Certification exams
None of us can escape academically oriented tests. Learn from Senior Solutions Architect, Liz Dennett, how she uses four strategies to overcome imposter syndrome when tackling a big goal, like preparing for an AWS Certification exam. Read more.

Cloud career education programs

AWS re/Start brings cloud skills development to Toronto, Canada
AWS re/Start launched a new 12-week cloud skills training program (virtual classroom, at the moment) in Toronto, Canada, helping to prepare learners for entry-level careers in the cloud and connects them to potential employers. Learn how AWS has teamed up with Youth Employment Services (YES), a non-profit employment agency that helps low-income and vulnerable youth in the Toronto area and beyond find and maintain employment. Read more.

AWS re/Start graduate series
AWS re/Start graduate from Amsterdam, Vanity B., hadn’t heard of AWS before attending an informational night about AWS re/Start, a cloud skills program aimed at individuals with little technology experience. In this blog, she shares how she became quickly interested in the AWS Cloud, joined the program, and is now working in IT. Read more.


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