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Surprise! Bonus episode of AWS Power Hour: Machine Learning

We are excited to announce that AWS Power Hour: Machine Learning is back (sooner than expected) with a bonus 8th episode! If you missed the 7-episode series earlier this summer, you can catch all the episodes via recorded streams, and mark your calendar for Episode 8 next Thursday, September 24 at 4 p.m. PST on Twitch.

What to expect in the bonus episode

Hosts Jonathan Dion and Kirsten Dupart are joined by many guests, both returning and new. This episode covers so much content that we’re extending the length to 75 minutes. We’ll kick off with returning guest Ben Snively, who will live code an end-to-end artificial intelligence (AI) solution—join us to find out which AWS services he’ll use! Then, Gillian Armstrong returns, joined by new guest, Solomon Abiola. Gillian and Solomon will share insights about what developers need to know about ML, with a specific focus on data readiness, understanding and identifying a business problem, and evaluating performance. Then our hosts and all the guests will share what worked well for their unique ML learning journeys. Finally, Heiwad Osman, Kashif Imran, and Mona Mona will join us for a fun trivia segment to test your knowledge.

What is AWS Power Hour: Machine Learning?

AWS Power Hour: Machine Learning is a weekly, live-streamed program that aired at 4 p.m. PST every Thursday for seven weeks. Each show features the AWS hosts and a special guest as they demonstrate how to build apps with AI services from AWS. Designed for developers without prior ML experience, the show helps you learn to build apps that showcase natural language, speech recognition, and other personalized recommendations. The show provides in-depth technical education in a fun and interactive environment.

Don’t miss the bonus episode on Sept 24

Join the live stream to submit questions and participate the weekly challenge, or watch the recorded episodes on Twitch whenever it’s convenient for you.