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New courses and updates from AWS Training and Certification in August 2022

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Editor’s note: Below you’ll find descriptions of new Amazon Web Services (AWS) Training and Certification courses and offerings for cloud learners, AWS customers, and AWS Partners for August 2022. New AWS Skill Builder subscription features include a fifth role – security specialist — for AWS Cloud Quest and digital badges for all five roles. There are language updates – Spanish (Spain) and Traditional Chinese – for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam, and new digital training courses focus on AWS products (Amazon GuardDuty, AWS Systems Manager, Amazon Lightsail, and AWS IoT SiteWise); connecting machine data to AWS; building AWS databases, data migration; the AWS value proposition for startups; and helping leaders manage software engineers. Classroom training is available for architecting on AWS and using Amazon QuickSight to create data visualizations.

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AWS Skill Builder subscription features

In early August, we launched AWS Skill Builder Individual and Team subscriptions. The subscriptions offer an entirely new, exclusive way for individuals, customers, and AWS Partners to learn with flexible, scalable, and highly-interactive digital cloud skills training and AWS Certification preparation, allowing you to develop cloud skills wherever and whenever you need.

The new subscriptions build upon our existing Skill Builder library of 500+ free, self-paced, digital courses and provide access to a range of exclusive content to advance cloud skills and prepare for AWS Certification exams, enabling learners and organizations to accelerate innovation. As new subscription features become available, we will announce them here.

AWS Cloud Quest introduces new role and digital badgesCloud Quest Security digital badge

Security Specialist is the newest role in AWS Cloud Quest, the only role-playing game to help build practical AWS Cloud skills. In this role, you will build solutions based on AWS best practices to protect infrastructure and data from common security threats in your virtual city. The Security Specialist role joins Cloud Practitioner, Solutions Architect, Serverless Developer, and Machine Learning Specialist. Digital badges for AWS Cloud Quest also are available when participants complete all assignments within a role. Share your digital badges with your network to showcase your knowledge and stand out with recruiters and employers looking for AWS builders. Start your Cloud Quest by signing up today for AWS Skill Builder. The Cloud Practitioner role is available for free, and all other roles are included with AWS Skill Builder Individual and Team subscriptions.

AWS Certification

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam and Prep in Two New Exam Languages

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam is now available in Spanish (Spain) and Traditional Chinese, via Pearson Vue, along with exam prep resources on AWS Skill Builder. This certification validates understanding of AWS services, concepts, and terminology at the foundational level, and gets you off to a great start on your certification journey as you build your career as an AWS Cloud professional. Get to know the exam by reviewing the exam guides, understand the exam format by reviewing the sample questions, and once you are prepared, gauge your exam readiness with the full-length AWS Certification Official Practice Exam, which is only available with an AWS Skill Builder subscription. Please note that Spanish (Spain) and Spanish (Latin America) resources are available on the same page.

AWS Digital Training

Fundamental-level courses

Getting Started with Amazon GuardDuty

This 60-minute course is for security architects, security engineers, and cloud operations employees responsible for threat detection. Amazon GuardDuty is a threat detection service that provides an accurate, easy way to continuously monitor and protect AWS accounts and workloads. This course reviews Amazon GuardDuty features, including its threat protection capabilities and architecture. Learn about use cases and pricing to help organizations scale and secure their AWS Cloud. Read more about Getting Started with Amazon GuardDuty and start learning today.

Getting Started with AWS Systems Manager

This 60-minute course is for solutions architects, cloud practitioners and IT operations engineers who manage AWS Cloud resources. This course reviews key AWS Systems Manager capabilities and how to perform important tasks, including how to register an EC2 instance with Systems Manager and how to scan for patches on a managed node and install on-demand. Learn how to use an AWS Command Line Interface to interface with, and unleash the power of, AWS Systems Manager. Read more about Getting Started with AWS Systems Manager and start learning today.

Building Simple Web Applications using Amazon Lightsail

This nine-hour course is for freelance developers who want to use Amazon Lightsail to create a website or application in just a few clicks, using automated configuration for networking, access, and security environments. Learn how to deploy a LAMP stack instance, build a managed database, and create a content distribution network. Read more about Building Simple Web Applications using Amazon Lightsail on Coursera, edX, Udemy, and FutureLearn and register today.

Connecting Systems and Machines to AWS for Industrial Manufacturing

This 60-minute course is for operational technology and IT professionals who work in the manufacturing, industrial, and automotive industries. Learn how to bring machine data into the cloud as a prerequisite to more advanced data innovation. Gain the knowledge and understanding of explaining a data lake, its benefits, and business value, along with understanding the foundational concepts for an industrial data lake and the process of connecting a machine to an industrial data lake on AWS. Read more about Connecting Systems and Machines to AWS for Industrial Manufacturing and register today.

Introduction to Building with AWS Databases

This three-hour course is for database architects, developers, data engineers, IT managers and even business roles. Learn about the types of AWS Database offerings, Well-Architected Framework, and data-migration methods that are available to meet specific business needs. Read more about Introduction to Building with AWS Databases and register today.

Selecting Your Data Migration Strategy with AWS

This 30-minute course is for cloud architects and storage administrators. Learn the benefits of migrating storage implementations to the AWS Cloud and how to identify tools and methodologies – both online and offline – to move data to the AWS Cloud. Understand how to identify the different data types that organizations migrate and appropriate AWS target services. Read more about Selecting your Data Migration Strategy with AWS and register today.

AWS Cloud Economics for Startups

This 60-minute course is designed for several personas – developer, builder, and finance – and roles related to data, storage, product development, and cost management, who want to know more about the unique value proposition of AWS for startups. The course provides AWS resources to assist a startup’s journey and describes how multiple AWS products and services can contribute to a successful business. Read more about AWS Cloud Economics for Startups and register today.

Leadership Principles for Software Engineers

This four-hour course, developed by Advancing Women in Tech, is for leaders who seek to run high-performing teams at software engineering organizations. Learners will assess their readiness to become effective engineering managers while walking away with essential management skills, including how to hire teams and how to set and achieve ambitious team goals. Read more about Leadership Principles for Software Engineers on Coursera and register today.

Intermediate-level courses

Building with AWS IoT SiteWise

This two-and-a-quarter-hour course is for architects, developers, data engineers, operations staff, data scientists, and cloud practitioners who need near-real-time monitoring of industrial equipment. Learn about AWS IoT SiteWise, which is a managed service to collect, organize, and analyze data from industrial equipment at scale. Develop the ability to describe key concepts involved in collecting, processing, publishing, and monitoring IoT data. Read more about Building with AWS IoT SiteWise and register today.

AWS Classroom Training

Architecting on AWS – Accelerator

Do you need to build, run workloads, and solve for architectural design problems in the AWS Cloud? This immersive, five-day course covers intermediate to advanced AWS Cloud architecture concepts and is for solutions architects, solution-design engineers, developers, and people in other IT/cloud roles who want to design and build cloud architectures. Reviewing topics from Architecting on AWS and Advanced Architecting on AWS, you will learn how to design cloud architectures, from small-scale designs to enterprise-level designs from an expert AWS instructor. You will focus on cloud optimization, the benefits of loose coupling applications and serverless components, building for resilience, and understanding costs through a series of use cases, group discussions, demonstrations, knowledge checks, and hands-on labs. Architecting on AWS – Accelerator also will help you learn concepts and skills covered on the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam. It’s recommended that attendees have familiarity with AWS Cloud computing, which can be learned in AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials or AWS Technical Essentials; TCP/IP networking concepts such as VPNs, routing, subnets/gateways, segments, and user permissions; and knowledge of multi-tier architectures and distributed systems. Learn more about Architecting on AWS – Accelerator and register today.

Authoring Visual Analytics using Amazon QuickSight

Are you interested in gaining deeper business value from your data using visual analytics and Machine Learning (ML)-powered insights? Learn how to use Amazon QuickSight to create data visualizations after connecting to various data sources and making advanced calculations. Hands-on exercises and demonstrations will show how to create and enhance dashboards, prepare data for analysis, perform advanced data calculations, implement access control, and use ML for anomaly detection and forecasting. Before attending this classroom course, attendees should have at least one year of experience in business intelligence or a similar function and have completed Data Analytics Fundamentals. Learn more about Authoring Visual Analytics using Amazon QuickSight and register today.