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New courses and updates from AWS Training and Certification in June 2022

Editor’s note: In June, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Training and Certification released new courses and offerings for cloud learners, AWS customers, and AWS Partners. New digital courses focus on managing containers, serverless solutions, hybrid storage solutions, large-scale workloads, AWS configurations, machine learning fundamentals, AWS billing & cost management, and common cloud workload use cases for the financial services industry.

AWS Digital Training

Fundamental-level courses

Manage containers on AWS

Want to learn how to manage containers on AWS to build and deploy microservices, run batch jobs, and move existing applications to the cloud? Containerized Applications on AWS (FutureLearn, Coursera, edX) is a fundamental, 12-hour course for developers and DevOps engineers with no prior containers experience. Learn how to build, deploy, monitor, simplify, and debug containers by using Amazon Elastic Container Service, Amazon Lightsail, and AWS Fargate. This is a great way to modernize applications and discover why nearly 80% of all containers in the cloud run on AWS.

Manage large-scale workloads on AWS

Getting Started with Network Load Balancer (NLB) is a two-hour, fundamental-level course for cloud architects, cloud operators, and network engineers who deploy and manage large-scale web applications and workloads on AWS. Learn about the service benefits, typical use cases, and technical concepts of NLB for distributing incoming traffic across multiple targets, including the ability to support millions of requests per second. The course features new content aligned with changes and updates to core AWS services, as well as knowledge checks.

Learn the basics of AWS configurations

Getting Started with AWS Config is a 90-minute, fundamental-level course for cloud operations roles, system engineers, or architects who need to assess, audit, and evaluate the configurations of AWS resources. Gain an understanding of AWS Config benefits, cost structure, and how to interact with the service with the AWS Management Console and the AWS Command Line Interface.

Get started with machine learning on AWS

Getting Started with Amazon Personalize is a 90-minute, fundamental-level course for developers who are new to machine learning (ML) or just getting started with AWS artificial intelligence/ML services. Learn about Amazon Personalize and its important benefits and features, use cases, and costs, including how to use Amazon Personalize to build a personalized product experience.

Learn the basics of AWS billing and cost management

Introduction to AWS Billing and Cost Management is a 20-minute, fundamental-level course for financial analysts or learners interested in AWS cost-reporting tools and monitoring and proactively manage cloud spend. Also learn how to read cost reports, create custom insights, and generate budget alerts.

Intermediate-level courses

Identify common cloud workload use cases in the financial services industry

AWS Well-Architected Considerations for Financial Services is a 45-minute, intermediate-level course for AWS Partners and individuals working in technology roles, such as chief technology officers, architects, developers, engineers, operations team members, and individuals in risk, compliance, and audit functions. Learn to recognize the purpose, value, components, and process of the AWS Well-Architected Framework review and the Financial Services Industry Lens, as well as how to identify common financial services industry cloud workload use cases.

Serverless solutions on AWS course series

AWS is launching a five-course, intermediate-level series for developers and cloud architects about serverless solutions on AWS. All learners should have experience with serverless applications and take the below courses in sequence:

  • Designing Event-Driven Architectures is a two-hour course for getting started on serverless solutions. Learn about the concepts of an event-driven architecture and key AWS services and patterns for designing event-driven architectures.
  • Architecting Serverless Applications is a two-hour course to help learners migrate applications to serverless architectures and identify ways to add new serverless components. Learn about the architectures for common patterns, such as microservices, web applications, data streams, Alexa skills, and mobile backends, and how to describe key decisions and service configurations for each pattern.
  • Scaling Serverless Architectures is a 90-minute course that provides guidance about scaling serverless architectures. Learn how to apply best practices to optimize the speed of AWS Lambda-based architectures, as well as serverless testing strategies for mocking, unit tests, function design, effectively testing to scale, and integration testing.
  • Security and Observability for Serverless Applications is a 90-minute course about applying security best practices in serverless architectures. Learn how to use AWS CloudTrail, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS Config, and AWS X-Ray to monitor and respond to anomalies and changes in serverless architecture.
  • Deploying Serverless Applications is a one-hour course about deploying serverless applications with the AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM). Learn about implementing an automated, continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline, as well as the AWS services and automated triggering mechanisms for autonomous deployments.

Advanced-level courses

Simplify hybrid storage solutions

Are you an architect or storage administrator interested in implementing a hybrid storage solution? Do you want to understand how to simplify storage management and reduce costs for hybrid cloud storage use cases?  Then, AWS Storage Gateway Deep Dive: Amazon FSx File Gateway is for you. During this 75-minute, advanced-level course, which includes knowledge checks in each module, you will dive deep into how to plan, secure, manage, monitor, and optimize your Amazon FSx File Gateway implementation.

AWS Certification

Registration now open for updated AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty exam

The updated AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty exam validates networking expertise and verifies knowledge and skills in implementing AWS network services to meet performance, cost, and security requirements. Registration now is open, and the first day to take the exam will be July 12, 2022. The new version has updated content across all domains, as well as new topics aligned with AWS Networking innovations. Review the exam guide, sample questions for the updated exam, and the 20-question free practice question set (available in English). Practice question sets in Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese will be available in August 2022. Candidates can take the current exam until July 11, 2022.