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Two new Twitch trainings to help grow your app building and machine learning skills

You’re invited to join one or both of our two newest, free Twitch training series: Let’s Ship It—with AWS, launching on Monday, August 23, and Quick Start on AWS: Machine Learning, launching on Tuesday, August 24. Designed for Twitch with developers of all skill levels in mind, these new training series mark the sixth and seventh Twitch series, respectively, from AWS Training and Certification.

Let’s Ship it—with AWS provides developers in startups with the essential building blocks of the AWS Cloud to launch your first web application, and Quick Start on AWS: Machine Learning helps developers of all levels get started with machine learning (ML) through real-world use cases.

“We continue to receive incredibly positive responses for each of our Twitch series, so we know this format is resonating and helping our customers grow their cloud skills,” said Scott Barneson, director of learning products for AWS Training and Certification. “Our customers value this type of purpose-built, just-in-time learning—and when you combine it with the fun, interactive nature of Twitch, it’s a winning combination. Each of the new shows, Let’s Ship It—with AWS and Quick Start on AWS: Machine Learning, aims to help developers understand the fundamentals of the AWS Cloud so they can apply it to real-world use cases in either web development or machine learning.”

The new Twitch series are part of Amazon’s commitment to provide free skills training to 29 million learners globally by 2025 through innovative offerings that meet learners where they are.

Let’s Ship It—with AWS

Let’s Ship It—with AWS uses a first-principles approach and is designed for developers in start-ups or lean development environments—even those without prior AWS experience. Whether you’re ready for deployment or you’re starting from scratch, hosts Rohini Gaonkar, a senior developer advocate at AWS India, and Aaron Hunter, a senior technical trainer, will help you better understand how to design a scalable, secure, and cost-efficient architecture in the AWS Cloud. Follow along with our hosts as they provide step-by-step instruction to ship a real application—all scrappy builders welcome! Each weekly episode of Let’s Ship It—with AWS is 60 minutes long and starts at 7:30am PT, from August 23 through September 27.

Quick Start on AWS: Machine Learning

If you’re an aspiring or current developer, data scientist, or simply interested in growing your skills and advancing your career with the basics of ML, join Quick Start on AWS: Machine Learning, hosted by AWS experts Bo (Frank) Zhang, a global delivery readiness technical lead from the Asia Pacific region, and Solomon Abiola, a lead data scientist for AWS Educate. Designed for total beginners without prior ML experience, the show will lay a foundation of knowledge to help developers get started with ML and learn how it can be applied in real use cases to solve business problems and uncover insights. This series provides free, in-depth, technical education in a fun and interactive environment that doesn’t assume you’re already a data scientist or an ML genius.

Each episode of Quick Start on AWS: Machine Learning is 30 minutes long and designed to give you practical training in quick, manageable segments. All sessions are followed by another 15 minutes of open-forum questions live in the interactive Twitch chat. Throughout the show and Q&A, you’ll have the chance to ask questions in real time to AWS experts for on-the-spot help. Quick Start on AWS: Machine Learning begins August 24 and runs through September 16. Quick Start on AWS: Machine Learning streams twice weekly for four weeks, Tuesdays from 7:00 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. PST and Thursdays 4:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. PST (plus 15 minutes of Q&A following each episode).

How Can I Get Started?

Both Twitch series are free and available to anyone, globally. To learn more about these trainings and to receive reminders before each session goes live, recorded replays, and helpful resources straight to your inbox, join the email list for each Twitch series. We’ll see you on Twitch!