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New courses and certification updates from AWS Training and Certification in August 2023

We’re back with the August course launches and certification updates from AWS Training and Certification to equip you and your teams with the skills to work with AWS services and solutions.

As a teaser to what you’ll find this month – we launched 12 new digital training products on AWS Skill Builder, including 5 AWS Builder Labs, AWS Jam Journey: Container service Amazon EKS, and AWS Networking Core – Knowledge Badge and Readiness Path. We have also added three generative AI solution-building labs in AWS Cloud Quest. For learners in Cape Town, South Africa, we opened our first international AWS Skills Center. And AWS Partners in sales roles can learn how to sell to public sector customers.

New AWS Skill Builder subscription features

Whether you’re new to cloud, an experienced builder, or an organization looking to innovate at scale with the AWS Cloud, go beyond our 600+ free digital courses to prepare for an AWS Certification, stay current, and unlock hands-on training in an AWS Console environment without the risk of additional fees. Subscribe to AWS Skill Builder to engage in the following new trainings and more:

AWS Cloud Quest

AWS Cloud Quest now offers three generative AI solution-building labs providing hands-on experience working with Amazon SageMaker JumpStart, pre-trained Hugging Face models, and Amazon CodeWhisperer. AWS Cloud Quest: Machine Learning Specialist has two additions: Introduction to Generative AI and Fine-Tuning LLMs with Amazon SageMaker. AWS Cloud Quest: Serverless Developer has added Build Apps Faster with Amazon CodeWhisperer.

AWS Builder Labs

Fundamental labs – for technical learners

Building BI Dashboards with Amazon QuickSight (60 min.) teaches how to use Amazon QuickSight authoring and data tools to create visualizations using insights and publish a QuickSight dashboard.

Intermediate labs – for technical learners

Troubleshooting API Gateway with Lambda Proxy Integration (60 min.) provides a scenario to learn how to troubleshoot API Gateway issues with AWS Lambda proxy integration.

Troubleshooting Network Connectivity in a Peered VPC (60 min.) provides a scenario to troubleshoot connectivity concepts of Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC). You’ll configure a VPC peering between two VPCs in the same account and allow client-server HTTP traffic between two hosts in the VPCs.

Advanced labs – for technical audiences

Accessing Internet from Lambda in a VPC (60 min.) demonstrates how to grant AWS Lambda function access to the internet while the function is attached to an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC).

AWS Network Firewall for Ingress/Egress Traffic (120 min.) teaches how to deploy AWS Network Firewall, create network firewall rules to block unintended or malicious traffic, and deploy rules to inspect ingress and egress traffic separately.

AWS Jam Journey: Container service Amazon EKS

AWS Jam Journey provides a gamified, experiential learning path to build your AWS skills with real-world challenges, available in both AWS Skill Builder Individual and Team subscriptions. AWS Jam Journey: Container service Amazon EKS is our newest offering, focused on Amazon EKS, joining the existing nine Jam Journeys: security re:Invent, DevOps, analytics re:Invent, security, networking, machine learning, databases, games, and Build using Amazon CodeWhisperer.

AWS Certification updates

Registration is now open for the updated AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam. The exam is available to take starting September 19, 2023. You can learn about the changes to the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam, and follow the steps on the exam detail page to prepare.

Free digital training on AWS Skill Builder

Learning path and digital badge

Networking Core – Knowledge Badge with Readiness Path helps build technical knowledge of AWS networking concepts and services with a focus on Amazon VPC, AWS Cloud WAN, and Amazon Route 53. When you pass the online assessment at the end of the learning plan, you’ll earn a digital badge.

Fundamental training – for technical learners

Amazon Kendra – Getting Started (60 min.) teaches the benefits, features, typical use cases, technical concepts, and costs of Amazon Kendra. You’ll review a native search solution architecture and a generative AI architecture using Amazon Kendra and a large language model that you can further adapt to your use case. Through a guided tutorial consisting of a narrated video, step-by-step instructions, and transcript, you’ll also try the service in your own Amazon Web Services (AWS) account.

Amazon Macie – Getting Started (60 min.) teaches the fundamentals of Amazon Macie, common use cases, and how it works at an architectural level.

AWS Tools to Develop, Run, and Modernize .NET Workloads (60 min.) introduces AWS toolkits for different IDEs and AWS tools to develop, deploy, and manage .NET applications. You’ll learn how to effectively use these tools and other AWS resources for developing, running, and modernizing .NET applications on AWS.

Fundamental training – for healthcare providers or business decision makers

Introduction to the Cloud for Clinicians (45 min.) is designed for healthcare providers, introducing the cloud and what it means to a healthcare practice. You’ll learn how the cloud can reduce the burden of technology on clinicians, identify and manage healthcare needs at scale, and respond quickly to change, while providing business continuity, cost-efficiency, and performance across the healthcare workflow.

Succeeding in the Cloud: Rethinking your Levers (60 min.) is designed for executives and business decision makers to explore how and why the cloud can be a catalyst for organizational transformation. The course will also explore how to align disparate IT and business operating models into a common set of desired business outcomes and the important role that leaders can play in unifying business and IT.

Free in-person AWS Cloud skills training

The first international AWS Skills Center in Cape Town, South Africa is now open. The center is designed to deliver free training that helps non-technical learners build new cloud skills and unlock career options for in-demand tech jobs. The in-person learning space is available for anyone in the local community to access—regardless of background, education level, or social status—with interactive exhibits, onsite classes, and networking events.

AWS Training for Partners

Fundamental training – for sales professionals

AWS Partner: Selling into the Public Sector (40 min.) provides sales professionals, alliance leads, and other customer-facing professionals at AWS Partner organizations with a basic understanding of the public sector and how to engage with and sell AWS services to public sector customers.