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Access data in Amazon Timestream with AWS AppSync

AWS AppSync is a fully managed serverless GraphQL API service that simplifies application development by providing a single endpoint to securely query or update data from multiple databases, microservices, and APIs. Many organizations across different industry verticals (e.g., health care, manufacturing, energy generation, and transportation) use a stream of data to improve efficiencies of business […]

Introducing Merged APIs on AWS AppSync

AWS AppSync is a serverless GraphQL service that makes it easy to create, manage, monitor and secure your GraphQL APIs. Within an AppSync API, developers can access data across multiple different data sources including Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Lambda, and HTTP APIs. As the service continues to grow in adoption, our customers have faced challenges related […]

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New – Amplify SwiftUI-based Authenticator Component

Today we are making available a new SwiftUI-based open-source Authenticator component for your iOS, iPadOS, and Catalyst applications. Most applications have a requirement to authenticate their user at some point or other of the user flow. Authentication allows users to save their preferences, to unlock premium features, or control access to data. The authentication category […]

Access your private network from real mobile devices using AWS Device Farm

Testing a mobile or web app on a real device often requires a secure connection to private endpoints. These endpoints are often hosted on AWS inside a VPC, on-premises, a cloud provider, or a mix of those configurations. In addition, you may want the host machines, to which your devices are connected, to be able […]

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NEW: Announcing Storage Manager and Relationship Support for Form Builder

Today, AWS Amplify is excited to announce the launch of two new features for Amplify Studio Form Builder: Storage Manager, and Relationship support! With this launch, we are extending the functionality of Form Builder to support even more use cases. Storage Manager links your generated React forms to Amplify Storage, using S3, so your forms […]

Automate Testing with Authentication using AWS Amplify and Cypress

Note: This post is an update and extension to a previous blog post “Running end-to-end Cypress tests for your fullstack CI/CD deployment with Amplify Console“ Overview Automating the process of building, testing, and deploying software allows for faster delivery of high-quality software and can help reduce the risk of errors, as developers can catch and […]

Introducing Private APIs on AWS AppSync

Introducing Private APIs on AWS AppSync

AWS AppSync is a fully managed service that enables developers to create GraphQL APIs that can securely access, manipulate and combine data from one or more data sources. When you create a GraphQL API on AppSync, a public endpoint will be generated which can be used to send queries, mutations and subscriptions requests to the […]

Benchmarking your Mobile App with Rooted Android Private Devices and AWS Device Farm

Until recently, the primary reasons for rooting an Android device were to install custom ROMS, themes, or have access to file explorer on the device. Now, however, rooting devices is not just for customization but also unlocks utilities that help analyze and improve the performance of your app. With the launch of support for rooted […]

Announcing the Amplify UI StorageManager Component

Announcing the Amplify UI StorageManager Component

Amplify UI is a collection of accessible, themeable, performant React components that can connect directly to the cloud. Today we are announcing a new cloud-connected UI component called the StorageManager, which lets your users upload and manage files to the cloud. In this post you will learn how to use Amplify’s new StorageManager component to […]

Flutter GA Web and Desktop

Amplify Flutter announces general availability for web and desktop support

The AWS Amplify Flutter team is absolutely thrilled to unveil version 1.0.0, which streamlines cross platform app development by adding support for both web and desktop platforms. You can now with a single codebase target 6 platforms, including iOS, Android, Web, Linux, MacOS, and Windows. This update not only encompasses the Amplify libraries but also […]