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Announcing the APN Webcast Program for APN Partners

We are pleased to announce the launch of the APN Webcast Program, an exclusive resource for APN Partners. The APN Webcast Program is building off of the foundation of our original APN Partner webinars featured in the APN Portal.

Our original APN Partner webinars featured in-depth sessions on a wide array of topics including AWS Products and Services, and Technical Deep Dives. Moving forward, the focal point of the APN Webcast Program will be shorter, on-demand webcasts that are refreshed on a weekly basis. The goal of this new format is to enable you to watch an APN Webcast at your own convenience, and when ready, attend the office hours with the Webcast speaker and ask questions or provide us feedback on future Webcasts you would like us to create.

What is the APN Webcast Program?

The APN Webcast Program focuses on shorter length, on-demand videos that serve as an additional educational resource catered specifically to you, our APN Partners. You can expect to see consistently refreshed content every week, covering a wide range of topics. We’ll be launching videos on everything from AWS products, services, and solutions that we’ve heard are important to you to deep dives on technical content, along with providing you a number of videos that help you learn how to best utilize the resources of the APN. For example, here are some of the new topics we have ready for you to explore today: 2015 APN Programs and Go to Market offerings, APN Consulting and Technology Type Requirements and Benefits, and SaaS Technical Deep Dives.

How is the APN Webcast Program Different?

One of the main focal points of the APN Webcast Program will be shorter videos and weekly refreshed topics. Additionally, our larger technical deep dive topics have been broken down into more digestible parts within a series. Our goal is to allow for a more flexible on-demand framework for you to consume all of the valuable information we have to offer. With the APN Webcast Program you can expect:

  • Shorter Length, On-Demand Webcasts: We’re moving towards shorter, more direct videos that you can watch at your own convenience. For example, what was originally a 45-minute webinar will now be broken down into a 5-part series for your convenience.
  • Refreshed Weekly Webcasts: New topics and/or updated Webcasts to incorporate the most recent information available will be uploaded weekly.
  • Office Hours: Next to every applicable Webcast you will see the link ‘Invite me to Office Hours’.  This feature allows you to still have a Q &A session with our Solutions Architect (SA) or Program Owners, but with the flexibility of being able to watch the videos on your own schedule, and prepare your questions.

How Can I Start Watching APN Webcast Videos?

As an APN Partner, you have exclusive access to APN Webcast recordings. To start watching today, follow these easy steps:

  • Log in to the APN Portal
  • Click on the upper left tab titled ‘Webcasts’
  • Check out any of our currently offered topics: Getting Started with the APN, APN Programs, Technical Basics & Deep Dives, and AWS Events.

We’d love to get your feedback on what topics you’d like us to discuss through an APN Webcast. If you have an idea for a Webcast topic, let us know by clicking on, ‘Tell us what you want to hear more about’ to the left of the video. If you have questions for the speaker who conducted the video, we encourage you to attend the office hours for the video by clicking on the ‘Invite me to Office Hours’ link.

We’ll be releasing APN Webcast videos frequently throughout 2015, and will be discussing upcoming and recently added APN Webcast videos on the APN Blog. Stay tuned!