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Kate Miller

Author: Kate Miller

What Does it Mean to be a Next-Generation Managed Service Provider?

AWS, Sumo Logic, and three AWS Managed Service Partners (Smartronix, Logicworks, and Day1 Solutions) came together at the AWS Loft in NYC last week for an interactive discussion with customers around the Next Generation of Cloud Delivery and Management. Cloud managed services play an increasingly important role as customers look to migrate and manage workloads on […]

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Ayla, ClearScale, Cognizant and NetApp – AWS Partner Success Stories

The past two weeks, we published four new AWS Partner Success stories featuring both Consulting and Technology Partners in our ecosystem. Take a look: Ayla Networks All-in APN Technology Partner Ayla Networks, an APN Technology Partner, is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The team at Ayla sees […]

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Discover Exclusive New Content and Webcasts on the AWS Partner Portal

We like to think of the APN Portal as a central hub for APN Partners. Through the Portal, you have exclusive access to a wealth of resources: business and technical content, on-demand videos, AWS Training & Certification resources, marketing resources, the Customer Opportunity Submission tool, AWS Partner Program-specific resources, and more. Any member of your firm […]

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Meet Chef, Datapipe, Pegasystems, Smartronix, and Software AG – AWS Partner Success Videos

Through the end of 2015, we’ll be publishing a number of new AWS Partner Success videos that highlight the success that some of our top Consulting and Technology Partners have found working with the AWS Partner Network. You can find all of our AWS Partner videos here, and today I’m excited to highlight the videos we’ve released this week, featuring Competency […]

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New AWS Partner Success Stories and AWS Customer Case Studies Featuring AWS Partners

We’ve recently published three new AWS Partner Success videos, and I wanted to share a little more about the two AWS Partners featured in these videos today. AWS Partner Success Stories  2nd Watch 2nd Watch is an enterprise workload management provider that helps companies accelerate data center capacity growth through adoption of the Amazon Web Services […]

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IoT Opportunities on AWS: Introducing the IoT Hardware Program and AWS IoT

The type of data we’re able to gather is changing, and the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) plays an enormous role in this transformation. IoT is bringing a world of connected devices and information online. From enterprises to startups, from consumer solutions to the most complex industrial scenarios, it is projected that some […]

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