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AWS Marketplace Adds Healthcare & Life Sciences Category

Enabling organizations on AWS with best-of-breed healthcare and life sciences solutions that accelerate scientific discovery, drive insights from clinical data, and improve operational efficiency.

This is a guest post from the Wilson To, Sr. Category Leader – HCLS, AWS Marketplace. 

Healthcare and life sciences companies deal with huge amounts of data, and many of their data sets are some of the most complex in the world. From physicians and nurses to researchers and analysts, these users are typically hampered by their existing systems. Their legacy software cannot let them efficiently store or effectively make use of the immense amounts of data they work with. Additionally, protracted and complex software purchasing cycles keep them from innovating at speed to stay ahead of market and industry demands.  Together, we can change this.

AWS Marketplace helps software vendors reach healthcare and life science organizations by listing their best-of-breed software solutions in a curated software catalog that allows customers to easily discover, evaluate, procure, immediately deploy and manage 3rd party software, enabling customers to innovate faster and reduce costs throughout their organizations. We continue to create new opportunities for AWS Marketplace sellers by adding new industry-specific verticals to AWS Marketplace, such as the addition of the Healthcare & Life Sciences category.

We understand that no single company can solve all of the challenges across healthcare and life sciences – that’s why we want to continue to work with AWS Marketplace Sellers to drive impact across the industry. If you offer a software solution that was specially designed to serve the healthcare and life sciences industry or have a business practice or vertical that creates value for these customers, please let us know so that you can get on board. We have divided our solutions for healthcare and life sciences companies into these sub-categories. Which category does your solution fit into?

Clinical Information Systems

Transactional systems that are used in the provider setting. These solutions capture and document clinical encounters, as well as provide direct patient care.

Population Health & Analytics

Organizational and enterprise solutions that analyze and manage patient, population, quality, and operational data in order to improve cost and quality objectives.

Health Administration

Solutions that address operational requirements of the healthcare enterprise — including revenue cycle management, and ERP.

Healthcare Compliance Services

Consulting services and solutions that assist healthcare organizations with compliance and regulatory support, including system architecture.

Genomics and Research Computing

Solutions designed for high-performance compute and workflow management for scientific workloads, like genomics sequencing, computational chemistry and preclinical development.

Commercial Enablement

Solutions designed to enable coordinated sales and marketing activities, like sales automation, marketing automation, multichannel marketing, etc.

Clinical Trial Management and Product Development

Solutions that assist life sciences customers with managing products through clinical development and commercial launch, including collaboration with contract research organizations (CROs), and patient recruitment.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management

Solutions that support manufacturing and supply chain workflows for life sciences and medical technology product manufacturers, including  collaboration platforms for customers, suppliers, and contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs).

Business Intelligence / Analytics

Organizational and enterprise solutions that provide data analysis and visualization technology for business operations, from R&D to manufacturing and alignment.

Life Sciences Compliance Services

Solutions that assist healthcare organizations with compliance and regulatory support, like GxP and pharmacovigilance solutions.


AWS Marketplace also supports Consulting Partners that specialize in healthcare & life sciences. If you fit this profile and want to become an AWS Marketplace Channel Partner, contact Channel programs are also available to support you as you grow your business.

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