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Offering Disruptive Security Solutions on the AWS Marketplace: Barracuda, an APN Technology Partner

Security is our top priority at Amazon Web Services (AWS). We invest heavily in security and compliance measures to ensure our cloud computing environment meets and exceeds the stringent standards of our diverse customer base. Further, we view security as a shared responsibility with our customers. AWS manages and controls the components from the host operating system and the virtualization layer down to the physical security of the facilities in which our services operate, and our customers are responsible for building secure applications.

There are a number of AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners who have developed disruptive, comprehensive security solutions on the AWS platform to provide additional value to AWS customers, particularly as customers work to build secure applications. Today, we’d like to highlight Barracuda, one of our first APN Technology Partners to make their security solutions available on the AWS platform.

About Barracuda

Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Campbell, CA, Barracuda focuses on the development of solutions that help customers address security threats, improve network performance, and protect and store their data. These solutions are delivered as cloud-connected appliances and virtual appliances, as well as cloud-only solutions. Barracuda’s storage solutions are designed to backup and archive business-critical data, and to make such data accessible from anywhere, including within the network or via mobile devices. The company’s security solutions are designed to protect and optimize the performance of the most critical points within the customers’ IT infrastructures, including email servers, web applications, data centers and core networks. An APN Partner since 2013, Barracuda works with more than 150,000 customers in 100 countries across a number of industries.

Drivers to the AWS Cloud

The needs of Barracuda’s customer base and the company’s overarching philosophy around simplicity drove the relationship with AWS. “We strive to bring simplicity into the entire lifecycle for our customers – easy to purchase, install, deploy, manage, and use,” said Nicole Napiltonia, VP Alliances at Barracuda. As they began to recognize that many of their customers were moving some or all of their infrastructure to the AWS Cloud, they began to explore a relationship with AWS. “Barracuda has a fairly significant overlap of customers who are deployed on AWS. This relationship became increasingly important for us, to ensure we are where our customers need us,” explained Napiltonia.

Another key driver for Barracuda in working with AWS was the AWS shared responsibility model for security. “A shared philosophy around security was a key reason for moving forward with AWS. Under the AWS Shared Responsibility Model, AWS provides a global secure infrastructure and compute, storage, networking and database services, as well as higher level services. AWS provides a range of services and features that complement the advanced security features that Barracuda offers, creating additional value for our shared customers,” continued Napiltonia.

Barracuda Solutions on AWS

Barracuda offers solutions on AWS through the AWS Marketplace and through a Bring Your Own License (BYOL) option. Since November 2013, Barracuda has released a number of solutions on AWS, including:

  • Barracuda Web Application Firewall: The Barracuda Web Application Firewall provides robust security functionality to address threats that happen at the application layer so customers can securely move applications on to the AWS Cloud.
  • Barracuda NG Firewall: Delivering next-generation firewalling capabilities and high-speed (>1Gbps) site-to-site remote access to customers deploying in public cloud environments, the Barracuda NG Firewall also provides advanced threat detection, application-layer security, VPN and secure remote network access between customer networks and the AWS cloud platform.
  • Barracuda Spam Firewall: As one of the first dedicated anti-spam solutions available in the AWS Marketplace, the Barracuda Spam Firewall provides a robust security feature set for organizations migrating their email infrastructure to the AWS Cloud. This solution is available on-demand or through an annual pricing option.
  • Barracuda Load Balancer ADC: The Barracuda Load Balancer ADC enables organizations to run applications securely across public and private cloud infrastructures. It offloads compute-intensive SSL transactions, and offers optimization features such as caching, compression, and TCP pooling to enable faster application delivery and ensure scalability.
  • Barracuda SignNow: Barracuda SignNow cuts document turnaround time by as much as 90%. Get legally binding signatures from customers, partners and employees in seconds – from any device. SignNow gives organizations control over document workflow and easily integrates signed documents with other electronic systems.

The Benefits of Working with AWS

According to Napiltonia, “The speed with which we were able to deploy on AWS was remarkable. We quickly moved from a single product offering to now eight different combinations of options. That number continues to expand.” Working with AWS, particularly through the AWS Marketplace, “gives us added flexibility in our deployment options, continuing to illustrate our commitment to giving our customers freedom, choice, and flexibility in how they deploy,” she continued.

The Barracuda team also sees the potential for a high level of continued collaboration with APN Consulting Partners. “We have a true understanding of the customer requirements and deployment scenarios on the AWS Cloud. We understand how to work with APN Consulting Partners and integrators so that they can build businesses around the services that complement our suite of security solutions. Barracuda sells 100% through its channel partners, and we are excited to continue building out that Barracuda Partner Program with those firms who are growing their businesses around AWS Cloud services.”

Looking Forward

Barracuda plans to continue to develop its relationship with AWS and expand its presence on the AWS platform. “Internal AWS teams have been very easy to work with in all regards: Everything from concept and design, to implementation, to promotions and lead-generation, and to delivering on customer commitments.  Because of this, we continue to expand our product availability on AWS, both in terms of licensing availability of existing products available on the AWS platform as well as bringing to Barracuda solutions over to the platform. We are excited about what the future of the Barracuda and AWS relationship looks like as more customers look to move to the AWS Cloud,” said Napiltonia.

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