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Concluding Healthcare and Life Sciences Week on the APN Blog

By Oxana Pickeral. Oxana is the Global Segment Leader for Healthcare & Life Sciences at AWS.

As our Healthcare and Life Sciences Week draws to a close, let’s take a look back at some of the highlights of the week and what we are looking forward to heading into HIMSS. We will also share some best practices to help you scale your business as an APN Partner.

Highlights of the week

By sharing some of our Healthcare and Life Sciences Partners’ success stories and know-how this week, we hope you’ve gotten a feel for some of the global technology advancements taking place in this life-changing industry. And this was just a snapshot of the great work being done by our Healthcare and Life Sciences Competency Partners and AWS Customers. Let’s recap all of the posts that we published during the week:

Healthcare and Life Sciences Partners and AWS Customers are consistently building innovative solutions and launching business transformation initiatives on AWS. Our focus on security and compliance helps foster this transformation by providing a secure, robust, and scalable infrastructure on which our customers can architect for their specific security and compliance requirements per the Shared Responsibility Model. Furthermore, Healthcare and Life Sciences Competency Partners can bring both deep expertise and technical proficiency to help accelerate customer innovation. Our healthcare and life sciences customers can then focus on what they do best whether that be discovering new cures or modernizing health care delivery.

As the pace of innovation accelerates, we look forward to experimenting together – be that through testing blockchain for healthcare interoperability, IoT as an integral component of a medical device, or voice-based applications that reduce the friction of processing healthcare content.

Growing as an APN Partner and driving customer success

As an APN Partner, you can utilize a number of business, technical, and marketing resources through the APN as you build your solutions, go-to-market, and look for new opportunities to engage customers. We recommend that you visit the APN Portal to explore a number of these benefits and to get started. While each company’s path is unique, here are some common best practices we recommend for building a successful APN practice:

  1. Demonstrate commitment to your AWS customers. Invest in your AWS-based practice, take advantage of AWS Training and Certification, and focus on your customers and their needs above all else. We recently published a guest blog from Advanced APN Technology Partner Splunk that speaks to this in detail. Click here to read Splunk’s advice for building a strong APN Partner practice.
  2. Differentiate your capabilities. Think about how you may be able to differentiate to customers and help them easily identify your firm based on expertise by earning the AWS Healthcare and/or Life Sciences Competencies. More information on how to earn a Competency can be found here.
  3. Share your insights. You have deep knowledge of your customers’ needs. Let us know what would help you better serve their needs. What new capabilities are required on AWS, for instance, to help you as you support your customers’ objectives?
  4. Establish your thought leadership. Develop and publish content based on the deep expertise you’ve gained in your respective areas of focus.
  5. Share your success. Capture customer success stories. Customer stories are valuable tools to educate AWS teams on your success as an APN Partner, and to highlight your capabilities publicly to prospective customers. You can find a number of health case studies on AWS here, including Orion Health, who worked with Premier APN Consulting Partner and Healthcare Competency Partner Logicworks to build Cal INDEX, one of the largest health information exchanges in the US.
  6. Help strengthen the healthcare and life sciences ecosystem. Think about how you may be able to develop and publish solution architectures and quick starts that others can use and build upon.
  7. Think big. If demand for your product or service is strong, what would it take to grow 10x in the next year? Is now the time to expand geographically? Have you considered AWS Marketplace as a way to scale and simplify procurement? What relationships could you potentially build with other APN Partners that could help you speed your growth?

Looking forward to HIMSS

HIMSS17 is less than a week away, and it is a great chance to engage with AWS Healthcare Competency Partners such as Philips, ClearDATA,, and Infor, or to meet with AWS. You can stop by the AWS Booth (#6969) to talk to one of our Solutions Architects, as well as see demos from Infor, GE Healthcare, ClearDATA, and Alexa. And if you are in Orlando early, please join us for the first HIMSS Cloud Forum, an educational pre-day sponsored by AWS (registration required through HIMSS). Looking forward to seeing you in Orlando!

Let us know what other topics you would like to see on our blog throughout the year. You can also share your feedback by e-mailing us at And let’s continue to innovate together on behalf of patients and families around the globe!

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