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Exciting News for Red Hat OpenShift Customers on AWS

Yesterday, Red Hat and Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced an extended strategic alliance to natively integrate access to AWS services into Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. With this new offering, Red Hat OpenShift customers will be able to seamlessly configure, deploy, and scale AWS services like Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Amazon Athena, Amazon Route 53, and AWS Elastic Load Balancing directly within the Red Hat OpenShift console. Yesterday, Red Hat and AWS demonstrated these integrations at Red Hat Summit 2017 in Boston, MA. You can view the demo below:

The Open Service Broker API provides a standardized interface for applications to interact with external, 3rd-party services. The native integration of AWS Service Brokers in Red Hat OpenShift makes it easier for Red Hat OpenShift customers to easily build applications and consume AWS services and features using simple, easy to integrate options directly from the OpenShift Container Platform web console or the OpenShift CLI.

To learn more about this announcement, read the press release here, and check out Red Hat’s blog, “AWS and Red Hat — Digging a Little Deeper“.

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