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An Increasing Global MSP Presence – Announcing Our First International AWS MSP Partners

Increasingly, customers are asking for AWS MSPs across various industries, serving different customer segments, and across different regions of the world. We are gaining momentum as customers are seeking out AWS Managed Service Partners who meet the new AWS Managed Service Program bar, including the third-party audit.

We are pleased to announce our first international partners in the AWS Managed Service Program: Cloudreach (UK), Datacom (Australia), Minjar (India), NRI (Japan), Smart421 (UK), Softchoice (Canada), and vSystems (Korea). “Customers across the globe are looking for competent AWS Managed Service Partners. We are excited to showcase our audited Managed Service Providers across the globe, because we know they have the requisite people, skills, and operations to serve the needs of those AWS customers,” said Kelly Hartman, AWS Global Segment Leader, MSPs.

What is the AWS Managed Service Program?

The AWS Managed Service Program provides qualified APN Partners with technical and business benefits to deliver AWS cloud services as business solutions to AWS Customers. The bar for AWS Managed Service Providers in our Program is high. Our goal in creating the program was to establish a common customer experience when engaging AWS Managed Service Partners. In doing this, we hope to help customers easily identify APN Partners who meet our high bar, and who possess deep AWS knowledge in conjunction with the right IT Service Management capabilities to deliver cloud managed services. Additionally, we strive to provide APN Partners with the guidance they need to develop a successful and comprehensive cloud managed service practice. For APN Partners to become approved members of the AWS Managed Service Program, they must pass an independent third-party audit of their AWS Managed Service capabilities.

We wrote at length about the MSP Program on the APN Blog in March; you can view that post here. Our APN Partners are embracing the stringent requirements we’ve established for becoming an AWS MSP, including the third-party audit process of MSP capabilities. Read from some of our inaugural international MSP Partners about the value they see in joining the Program:


“I’m delighted to be able to announce that Smart421 is an AWS Managed Services Partner. ISSI UK conducted a rigorous audit and confirmed that our processes and capabilities meet the exacting standards defined by AWS for their highest level of partner. This gives our customers the confidence to continue to entrust us with the design, deployment and 24/7 ongoing management of their business critical production systems.”  – Adam Dunn, Head of Service Management at Smart421


“Datacom is committed to delivering market leading technologies.  Achieving accreditation on the AWS Managed Services Program is a natural extension of our customer centric strategy and implementation expertise. Datacom’s managed service capability ensures that no matter where the customer is in their plans for cloud adoption, we have the people and the expertise to support their decisions. We are looking forward to building on our relationship with AWS.” – Alexandra Coates, Director at Datacom


“AWS has raised the MSP bar! This not only benefits AWS Partners like Cloudreach, but also provides customers greater confidence when selecting a managed services provider. The rigorous independent audit enabled Cloudreach to validate the breadth and quality of our global managed services capability, our deep AWS expertise and the value we deliver to our customers. Becoming an accredited MSP partner ensures Cloudreach is well placed to help our customers realise the amazing opportunity provided by AWS. The MSP audit recognises that our unique managed services approach based on the Cloudreach Cloud Disciplines enables our customers to succeed on AWS.” – Jon Gasparini, Global Head of Cloud Operations at Cloudreach


“Admission to the AWS Managed Service Program is a great public endorsement of the AWS Practice at Softchoice. Our customers expect all our Keystone Managed Services to have been audited and certified by the leading cloud vendors. The AWS Managed Service certification proves that our Keystone Managed Services for AWS adhere to AWS best practices for security and customer experience.”- Richard Finlay, Manager of Cloud Business Development at Softchoice.

Minjar Inc.

“The AWS MSP audit has validated what Minjar’s MSP customers always knew: That they are working with one of the best run cloud managed service operations globally. Minjar believes in deeply understanding customer problems, building out-of-box solutions and automating everything! Minjar customers are able to focus on innovation, while they work with an expert and highly responsive team to get complete business assurance on their mission critical applications.” – Anand, President at Minjar Inc.


“The MSP audit was a unique opportunity for vSystems to review and validate our capabilities from a global standard perspective on managed services. We were objectively able to examine the status quo and raise our service readiness throughout the process. We’ve provided enterprise managed services for one of biggest AWS customers for several years, and being recognized as an AWS Managed Service Partner demonstrates our team’s excellence and experience as a managed service provider. vSystems will continue to pursue high quality managed services for future AWS customers with a global-standard process, methodology, and tools based on qualified MSP capabilities.” – Geunwoo Lee, CTO at vSystems

Nomura Research Institute (NRI)

“Through the AWS MSP program audit, we re-confirmed that our managed service solution meets industry needs and customer requirements. NRI believes we will be able to accelerate our business through this MSP program certification.” – Shinobu Nogami, Senior Technical Engineer at NRI


To learn more about the AWS MSP Program, click here.