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Join Us at the AWS Summit – San Francisco

The AWS Summit – San Francisco will bring together the cloud computing community to connect, collaborate, and learn about AWS. This free event is designed to educate you on AWS.

Getting trained on AWS is one of the most important steps in the APN Partner journey. AWS Training and Certification can help APN Partners develop deeper AWS knowledge and skills to better serve customers. See below for all the ways you can learn, train, and network at the AWS Summit – San Francisco April 18-19.


There are four, full-day training bootcamps happening on April 18 including:

  • AWS Technical Essentials: Audience Level: Introductory

AWS Technical Essentials is a one-day, introductory-level bootcamp that introduces you to AWS products, services, and common solutions. Learn More.

  • Secrets to Successful Cloud Transformations: Audience Level: Introductory

Secrets to Successful Cloud Transformations is a one-day, introductory-level bootcamp that teaches you how to select the right strategy, people, migration plan, and financial management methodology needed when moving your workloads to the cloud. Learn More.

  • Building a Serverless Data Lake: Audience Level: Advanced

Building a Serverless Data Lake is a one-day, advanced-level bootcamp designed to teach you how to design, build, and operate a serverless data lake solution with AWS services. Learn More.

  • Running Container-Enabled Microservices on AWS: Audience Level: Expert

Running Container-Enabled Microservices on AWS is a one-day, expert-level bootcamp that provides an in-depth, hands-on introduction to managing and scaling container-enabled applications. Learn More.


There will be more than 50 learning opportunities you can take advantage of, including AWS service introductions, new service deep dives, and solutions and tech talks. Discover more about the exciting opportunities to learn from experts while at the Summit.

  • Sessions — One-hour breakout sessions led by AWS subject-matter experts and/or top AWS customers. You’ll find introductory sessions and deep dive technical content.
  • Workshop — Two-hour small-scale, hands-on session that provides a more tangible way to learn and maximize networking.
  • GameDay — Four-hour digital adventure game where you and your teammates take on explosive traffic growth, ever changing code deployments, internal and external threats, and the challenge of working together as a team to keep your infrastructure online and your customers happy.
  • Security Jam — Four-hour Jam consisting of a series of challenges related to incident response, forensics and security automation.
  • Severless Mini-Conference — Four-hour mini-conference where you will hear from AWS technical leaders about the latest innovations in serverless computing.

Networking at the HUB

Join your fellow AWS Summit attendees in the The HUB — a high-energy expo with top APN Technology and Consulting Partners and access to AWS engineers and architects.

We hope you will join us at the AWS Summit – San Francisco April 18-19. Learn more and register today!