AWS Partner Network (APN) Blog

Learn How the APN Enables Consulting Partners to Build a Business on AWS

I’m excited to share with you a number of new AWS Partner Success videos we’ve produced that focus on telling the stories of some of our top APN Consulting Partners. On a personal note, working with APN partners on these videos is a real highlight of my job. I feel privileged to get the chance to sit down and have in-depth discussions with our partners about the growth of their company on AWS, what makes their company unique, and the connections they’ve been able to make with other APN Partners in the ecosystem. The enthusiasm that these companies have for bringing additional value and innovation to their end customers on AWS is inspiring, and I can’t wait to share more stories with you throughout the remainder of 2015.


Cascadeo, an Advanced APN Consulting Partner and inaugural AWS MSP Partner

Michael Norring, CEO at Cascadeo Corporation, expands on the success the company has had in working as an APN Consulting Partner. Since becoming an APN Partner in 2012, the company has almost doubled its client base.

Cloudnexa, a Premier APN Consulting Partner

Lisa Brown, VP of Marketing and Sales Operations at Cloudnexa, discusses how the firm has been able to build its business around being an APN Partner, and the successful relationships the company has developed with a number of other APN Partners.

MJ DiBerardino, CTO at Cloudnexa, explains how Cloudnexa helps optimize and manage its clients’ cloud environments on AWS. He also discusses how AWS innovation enables Cloudnexa to take its product, vNOC, to the next level.

CorpInfo, a Premier APN Consulting Partner

Jeremy Bendat, Account Executive at CorpInfo, discusses the demand and excitement he’s seen from his client base around AWS and how AWS has helped renew his sense of excitement in his work. Currently, 60 to 70 percent of Jeremy’s personal clients are now completely focused on AWS.

Smart421, a Premier APN Consulting Partner

Robin Meehan, CTO at Smart421, discusses customer use cases on AWS, and how working with AWS as a Premier APN Partner helps Smart421 move at a rapid pace and deploy with confidence, which makes a large difference in what the firm is able to create for end customers.